OBITUARY: Margaret Jolly Mockett

Margaret Jolly Mockett EMN-140106-210610001
Margaret Jolly Mockett EMN-140106-210610001

The thanks giving service for the late Margaret Jolly Mockett 92 years was held on Friday 2nd May 2014 at St Mary’s Fotherby. The service was conducted by Reverend Sue Alison and the following mourners attended.

Family Mourners; William Mockett, husband; David Mockett stepson; Robert & Janice Munn, son and daughter in law; James Munn & Liz Cuthbert, grandson and partner; Abigail Munn & Robbie Trench, great granddaughter & partner; Joanne Nobile, granddaughter; David Munn, grandson; Alan & Margaret Atkinson, daughter and son-in law; Andrew Atkinson, grandson; Iain Atkinson, grandson; Fiona McCracken, daughter ;

Kenneth McCracken sr, son in law; Kenneth McCracken, grandson; Christine Robertson, granddaughter; Ian Mockett & Judith Dad, stepson & partner; Daryn Mockett & Rebecca Bell, step grandson and partner; Warren & Claire Brewster, step granddaughter and husband; Roddie and Penny Mackinnon, nephew and wife; Graeme Mackinnon, nephew.

Other Mourners: Barbara Chester, church warden; Jill Walker; Joyce Spence (also rep Cyril Rolland); Bridget and Katie Woods (also rep Adam); Brian and Joyce Parke;

Ron and Marjorie Hodgson; Anthony and Shirley Pridgeon; Pauline Wright; Joyce Greenfield; Dorothy Towse (also rep Bernard Towse); Annie Cooney, Lucy Green, Jayne Stainton and Dave Mayfield (rep Madeira House); Steve Mansfield, Chairman Social Committee; Ian Hodgson (also rep Benita Hodgson, Michael and Brenda Nutt); Brenda Greatorex and Alice Gorst, ex Madeira House; Bernard and Linda Hodgson.

Funeral arrangements were by Kettle Funeral Directors, Louth