OBITUARY Margaret Parker

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The funeral service of the late Margaret Parker was held at St Nicholas Church, North Cotes on Thursday 26th June 2014.

Arrangements were conducted by Lincolnshire Co operative Funeral Services (Inc V Walker).

The service was conducted by Reverend Chris Woadden and Reverend Jean Wrisdale.

Family mourners: Anne Hickling, daughter; Leslie Hickling, son-in-law; Laura Hickling, granddaughter; Henry Hickling, grandson; Stephen Parker, son; Robert Clark, nephew; Sue Clark; Edward Clark, nephew; Robert Hanson; Toppy Hanson, niece; Andrew Hanson; Philip Hickling (also representing Mrs Marie Hickling and Mrs Elizabeth Hickling); Katrina McDowall; Andrew Parker, nephew; Sue Oliver, niece; Diane Sutton; Peter Atley, nephew.

Other mourners: Mrs Elizabeth Bassett (also representing the Fenland Foundation); Reverend Jean Wrisdale (also representing Louth Potato Company); Mrs Joy Libell (also representing Ms Claire Hyde); Mr and Mrs D Parker; Mrs Joanna Green (also representing Rachael, Jonathon and Simon Green); Mrs Ruth Sutton (also representing Mr Harry Sutton); Mr Mark and Mrs Clare Strawson; Mr John and Mrs Jenny Aspinwall; Mr Steven and Mrs Sarah Pennell (also representing Mr Mike Crombie and Mr Simon Pennell); Mr Ben and Mrs Victoria Burgess; Miss Georgina Burgess; Mrs Valerie Atkinson; Mr and Mrs Alwyn Ranby (also representing the Ranby Girls and Mr and Mrs W Woods); Mrs Marjorie Mossop; Mr Phil Ralph; Mr Edward Dale; Mrs Diana Cottingham; Miss Victoria Cottingham; Mrs Caroline Hadlington; Mr and Mrs Jones; Mr Graham Townley; Mr and Mrs Edward Dale (also representing Mr and Mrs David Maplethorpe); Mr Richard Craven; Ms Heather Piper (also representing Mrs Angie Shrestha); Mrs Nora Douglas (also representing Mr George Douglas and Mr Ian and Mrs Joan Fowler); Mr Robert Dale (also representing Mrs Marion Hall); Mr and Mrs David Addison (also representing Mr and Mrs Peter Green); Mrs Norah Craven; Mr Ray Mawer (also representing Mrs Jennifer Mawer); Mrs Barbara Fenwick (also representing Mr Roger and Mrs Julie Smith); Mr Tom Brooks (also representing Mrs June Brooks); Mrs Lindy Hargreaves; Mr John and Mrs Doreen Silvester; Mr M and Mrs P Dawson; Mrs Shirley Hanson (also representing Mr and Mrs George Hashys); Mr Colin and Mrs Gill Bell; Mr David West (also representing Mrs Valerie West and Mr John and Mrs Carol Nidd); Mrs Margaret Beeson (also representing Ms Jennifer Fisher and Julie, Tessa and Paula); Sarah, Bill and Danny Moncarron; Mr and Mrs John Worrell (also representing Mr and Mrs Paul Smith); Mrs Olga Stark; Mrs Susan Saywell; Mr and Mrs Robert Nickerson; Mr James Walgate (also representing The Walgate Family and Mr and Mrs Peter Vergette); Mr John and Mrs Brenda Blundell; Mrs Gwen Rhodes

(also representing Mr John Rhodes); Mrs Olivia Hurton; Mr John Denton; Mr George Haxby (also representing RTH Haxby and Sons and Tom Haxby); Mr and Mrs Stuart Maultby; Mrs Pat Sharpley; Mrs Sandra Ley; Mrs Ruby Mawer; Mr John Pinder (also representing Mrs Frances Pinder and Pam and Mick, Biergate Kennels); Mr Andrew Jacklin; Mr and Mrs David Would (also representing Mrs Margaret Seavill, Mr M D Popoff, Mr F W M Popoff, Mr and Mrs W Fair and Mrs Pamela Nickerson); Mr Steve Nicholson; Ms Heather Clover; Mr Tony and Mrs Anne Parker (friends); Mrs Lucinda Robertson (also representing Mr Bob Wells); Mr Edward and Mrs Liz Mossop; Mr Terry and Mrs Ann Burgess (also representing Mr Simon and Mrs Elizabeth Brook and Ms Jennifer Black); Mr Charles Dobson (also representing Mrs G A Dobson); Mrs Joy Sleight; Mrs Jeanette Dale (also representing Mr Richard Dale); Mr Peter and Mrs Jo Addison

(also representing Mrs N Addison); Mr Antony Mossop (also representing Helen, Richard, Sally and Katherine); Mrs Sally McBain (also representing North Cotes Primary School); Mrs Gillian McGrath (also representing North Cotes Primary School); Mr Gordon and Mrs Margaret Hardstaff; Mr Roy and Mrs Jean Hill; Mrs Diana Wells; Mr Baker; Mr Storr; Mr Martin Smith; Mr Roy Tuplin; Mr Worrell; Mr Philip Stark; Mr Craig Norwood; Mrs Norma Green (also representing The Green Family); Mr Robert Bevan (also representing The Drew Family, The Sharpe Family, The Stainton Family); Mr Philip Marshall; Mr William Wrisdale – Farm Manager (also representing Mr Michael and Mrs Jill Parker [Blankney], Mr Robin and Mrs Rosemarie Abbot [Ludborough], Mr Struan and Mrs Sara Abbot [Caedby] and Mr Graham and Mrs Carol Pennell [North Cotes]); Miss Sophie Inchley; Mr Will Dawson; Mr Paul and Mrs Karen Pridgeon; Mr David and Mrs Emma Cook – Farm Manager [Wainfleet]; Mr Denis Parkinson; Mrs Sheila Kemp; Miss Ysanne Brown.