OBITUARY: Mark Elvidge

Mark Elvidge EMN-140711-134910001
Mark Elvidge EMN-140711-134910001
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The funeral service for the late Mark Elvidge aged 54 years was held on Friday 11th July 2014 at St Mary’s North Somercotes.

The service was conducted by Reverend Keith Tomlin and the following mourners attended: Family Mourners; Stephanie Elvidge, wife, Jamie Elvidge, son, Conor Elvidge, son, Val Elvidge, mum, Roger Elvidge, brother, Jane Lyons, sister, Kevin Lyons, brother-in-law, Gary Lyons, nephew, Jack Lyons, nephew, Alfie Lyons, nephew, Emily Lyons, niece, Douglas and Janice Beasley, uncle and aunt, June Chaplin, auntie, Paul Chaplin, cousin, Gavin Chaplin, cousin, Owen Chaplin, cousin, Ian and Elizabeth Chaplin, cousin, Beth Gardner, cousin, Nicholas Elvidge, cousin, Mr and Mrs Brigg and Tina Winn, cousin, Felicity Elvidge and Bob Pike, cousin, John and Chris Hobson, brother-in-law and sister-in-law, David and Jenny Hobson, brother-in-law and sister-in-law, Jitt and Janice Walmsley, brother-in-law and sister-in-law, Trevor Hobson, brother-in-law,Terry and Roxann Hobson, brother-in-law and sister-in-law ,Keith (Tosh) Hobson, brother-in-law and sister-in-law, Neil Hobson, nephew, Tim Walmsley, nephew, Chris Walmsley and Natalie Justice, nephew and partner, Sue Walmsley, niece, Lindsey Stuffins, niece, Craig Hobson, nephew, Nathan Hobson, nephew, Charlotte Broxholme, niece, Rachael Chatterton, niece (also representing Rob Chatterton), Amanda McMullan, niece, Chloe Lee, great niece, Craig and Rebecca Winn-Bentley.

Other Mourners; Clive and Diane Jones, Keith Gibson, Joyce Blades (also rep Blades Family), Chris and Maria Jones (also rep Dave Paul, North Somercotes Fire Station), Teresa Maybury, Jane Thomson nee Maybury, Simon and Karen Davey, Ken and Pauline Elvy, Wendy Barker (also rep Benton Family), H Manjit and Rav Bains, Julie Paul, George and Connie Grantham, Elaine Grantham (also rep Grantham Family), Mel Wray (also rep Wray Family), Jane Clover (also rep Clover Family), Peter Mail (also rep Karen, Paul and Susan), Robert and Di Etherington (also rep Richard Etherington), Bob and Jan Mortimer, Jessica Elder, John Harry, Darren Russell (also rep Cara), Stuart Wilkinson, Dave Pennell, Keith and Angela Larder, Michael and Jane Russell, Trevor Stone (also rep Valerie Stones), Peter and Lynn Dawson, Adrian Smart (also rep Brenda Smart), David and Helen Williams (also rep Lorna Emmerson), Michael and Vivienne Kemp, Michelle Squires (also rep Mark Squires), Ray and Pat Salton, Diane Keanan, Keith and Betty Dixon (also rep Howard Dixon), Alan Konradsen, Mandy Hodson, Mr & Mrs Derek Moncaster, Jodie Lingard, John and Eileen Barnes, Liam Kelly, Robert, Michael and Meg Palmer, Simon and Jane Hallion, Shirley Wood, David Schafer, Karen Spilman (also rep Mark Garland) Mick and Julia Hawes, Adam Beasley (also representing Christopher Beasley), Daryl Hoblyn, Michael Richardson, Richard Hattee, John Keen (also rep Andrew Clover), Bill, Val and David Grasham, Julia West (also rep Michael, Simon and Margaret, Angela Conochan and Cherry Connelly), Chris Noble (also rep Sue Noble), Paul Walmsley (rep Central Installations), Graham Blackbourn (also rep Sharon Webb), David Clark and Miss Leanne Willis (also rep Nick and Emma Pennell), Paul Chapman, Ashley Marsh, Steve and June Bulbeck, Jack Volley,Philip Taylor, Wendy Taylor, Sean Gallagher, Clive and Linda Bulbeck, Wendy Hobson,William Paul, Sarah Stepney (also rep Jilly Love, Maragaret Thompson and family, Jean Love and Rowena Benton), Nigel Fisher (also rep Liz), Stuart Arundel (rep North Somercotes Cricket Club), Elizabeth Arundel, Doug and Marie Hadley, Steph Teanby,Eddie Dowlman, Dave Wright (also rep Tink, Paul and Ian) S Cockrell, M J McCumisky,Pete Laking, Geoff Bartholomew MBE, Nick and Linda Russell, Paul Mumby, Chris Mumby, Sam Aston, Carol Hopper, John and Joyce Harneiss, Ken and Val Plater (also rep Kevin and Sam), Doug and Sue McClellan, Roger and Sarah Walmsley (also rep Trev Ireland), Roger Grasham, John Wilkinson (also rep Sue and Paul Donner), John Hodson (also rep Hodson Family), Steve and Val Lorand, Philip and Janet Abbott, Terry and Val Evison, Luke Daley (rep Sword Construction), Brian Lilley, Gordon Wray (also rep Cynthia and Jonathan), Julian and Helen Drewett, Phil and Sally Brown, Derek Dobson, Jean Rodd, Tony Stapleton (also rep Tamsin, Mick and Lisa), Ian and Mary Hopper, William and Joan Grantham, Allen Peart, Avril Smith (also rep Martin), Roger Gott (also rep Anne O’Flynn), Zoe Dawson (rep North Somercotes Football Club), John Batchelor, Richard Finnie, Alex Arundel, Daley Marsh, Nathan Hobson, Les Chadwick, Michael and Nicola Hogan, Richard and Vicky Troop and Sharna, David Lyon (alias Charlie), Sharon Smithson, Adam and Sarah Bulbeck, Nicholas Lord, Steve Inchley, Jen Harris, Anne Lambert (organist), Linda Rose-King (warden).

Funeral arrangements were by Kettle Funeral Directors, Louth.