OBITUARY: Mary Cawkwell

The Funeral Service for Mary Cawkwell was held at St Michael‘s Church, Louth, on November 24th.

Arrangements were conducted by Lincolnshire Co-operative Funeral Services. The Service was conducted by Reverend Ian Partridge.

Family mourners: Brian Cawkwell, Son, Pamela Ann Cawkwell, Daughter-in-law, Claire Cawkwell, Grand-daughter, Adam Cawkwell, Great grandson, Kim Cawkwell, Grand-daughter, Jean Davey, Daughter, Andrew Davey, Grandson, Lucy Davey, Wife, Linsey Davey, Grand-daughter

Eric and Joyce Cawkwell, Brother-in-law and sister-in-law, Maureen Sinclair, Niece, (also rep Mrs Lynn Eaton – niece and Stephen Cawkwell – nephew), Doris Cawkwell, Sister-in-law, (also rep Ralph Cawkwell – brother-in-law / Mr & Mrs R Dowman – nephew & wife), Keith and Suzanne Cawkwell, Nephew and wife, Mr & Mrs J Stothard, Niece and husband, George Thompson, Nephew, Roy Thompson, Nephew (also rep Floss Thompson – sister in law).

Other mourners: Mrs Mary Davey, Mr Len Rook, Mrs Julie Fisher, Mr John Dean (also representing Mrs Christine Dean), Mrs Cynthia Edwards, Mrs Margaret Harrison (friend), Mr Alan and Mrs Julie Willson, Mr Keith and Mrs Sue Taylor, Mrs Rosamund Sowter, Mr Bill Patchett (friend), Mr Dick and Mrs Bridget Adams (friends), Mrs Cynthia Feirn (friend of family), Mrs Jill Havercroft, Mr David and Mrs Shirley Cummings, Mrs Alison Davies, Mrs Heather Hayward, Mr John and Mrs Jean Brader, Mrs Shirley Burton, Mr Mike and Mrs Pauline Surr, Mr Keith Guise, Mrs Elaine Chaufour, Mr and Mrs J Dannatt, Ms Stephanie Sant, Mr Johnney Hempstead.