Obituary: Miriam Grace Lee

Miriam Lee EMN-171107-135129001
Miriam Lee EMN-171107-135129001

There was standing room only as family and friends gathered at Alford Crematorium for the joyful celebration of the life of Miriam Grace Lee, long-time resident of Hainton.

Laughter filled the air as stories abounded of parties and barbecues.

Friends, neighbours and colleagues recalled her passionate support of motorbike stars and championship events across the UK - even taking Rachel as a baby.

Known to many as Mim, she was born at Turpin Farm, Fillingham; the eldest daughter of Charles and Doris Ellerby.

She attended Market Rasen Modern School and then Monks Dyke at Louth.

At the age of 15, she started work at Madam Daphne’s hairdressing salon in Louth as an assistant, before moving on to Clarke’s Hardware Store in the town.

Mim then worked in the office at the Woolworth store, leaving in 1970 to have her first child, Karen.

She also worked with her dad, doing the book-keeping for his bus business, as well as driving the bus to help out when needed.

In the 1980s and 90s, she worked as a cook in pubs on the Wolds and in Wragby.

She worked at the Heneage Arms as cook for many years, as well as at the Black Horse in Donington on Bain, the Marshall Arms at Scamblesby, the Crossroads East Barkwith and Wragby’s Adam & Eve.

Most recently, Mim had been a carer and cook at various nursing homes, Haven residential Home and Elizabeth Court.

She retired in 2013.

Mim enjoyed darts and dominoes, playing for the Crossroads and heneage Arms teams - she captained many a pool and darts team too.

She served as parish council clerk at Hainton and also as the Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator.

Mim was a hardworking, honest and straight talking confidant of many.

She was deeply loved by her family and will be sadly missed.

Family mourners were: Keith Lee (husband); Karen Lee, Annette Spiteri, Rachel Lee (daughters); Paul Spiteri (son-in-law); Harry Spiteri (grandson); Rose Hall (sister); Barrie Hall (brother-in-law); Mr and Mrs K Mcgilloway, Bradley Mcgilloway, Bethany Mcgilloway, Ben Foxwell, George Foxwell (nephews and nieces); Mr and Mrs J Ellerby, Mr F Smith (uncles and aunt); Janet and David Simmonds, Christine Mcdermott, Steven Ellerby, Mr and Mrs K Smith, Mr W Bates, Linda Priestley (cousins); Bryan Lee, Anthony Lee, Barbara Turner, Ben Lee, Sue Clark, Mr and Mrs A Carlton (brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law); Mr and Mrs Derek Lee, Mr and Mrs Dave Lee, Sarah Lee, Mr and Mrs P Ward, Mr P Gosling, Mr and Mrs S Lee, Kevin Turner, Adrian Turner, Diane Turner, Mr and Mrs J Barlow, Ian Lee, Mr and Mrs V Carlton (nieces and nephews).

Friends at the service were: Kevin, Anne, Jodie and Kirsten Troop; Nicky and Dennis Dowman; Michelle Bruntlett; Pete and Jane Ingall; Terry Hoodless (also rep Mike and Jane Perkins); Greg Dixon; D Chamberlin (also rep Mrs B Chamberlin); Mr B Chamberlin; Tony, Carol and Jane Stubbs; Ann Lincoln (also rep Woolworths Girls); Peter and Hilary Harness; DJ and R Howsam (also rep J Epton); Eileen Rushby; Alan Bruntlett; Shirley and Rob Barnes (also rep Barnes family); Shane and Tina Foxon; Mel and Christine Garbutt; Marlene Turnbull; Alan Graham; Don Briggs (also rep Barbara Briggs); Doris Wood; Becky Howsam (also rep Jeremy North); Rachel Lowman (also rep Lowman family); Nicola Smith; Russell North; Rachel Sands; Sylvia Jaines (also rep Mr and Mrs J Martin); Mr and Mrs D Atkinson (Louth); Derek and Liz Cullen; Mr and Mrs I Fabris; Basil and Teresa Bruntlett; Lyn and Bruce Stuart; Keith Spendlow (also rep Susan Spendlow); Mark Spendlow; Keith South; Jackie Taylor (also rep Matthew Taylor, Mr and Mrs D Ward; Mrs J Ward); Sue Dalton (also rep Ian Dalton); Barry Lord (also rep Christine); Amanda Dalton; John Taylor (also rep Lucy and Millie Taylor); Mr C Wilson (also rep Mohammed Ullah); Stephen and Paul Fuller; Mrs Y Wilson; Mr C Wilson (jnr); Mr F Chamberlin (also rep Chamberlin family); Sam Ward; John Dixon; Steph Keal; Ray Ellis; Tom Finnegan; Roy and Alison Chamber; John and Sandra Hanson; Mr and Mrs P Brader (also rep Peter Tuplin); Marion Tuplin (also rep Kevan Ashton); Pat Barton (also rep Terry Barton); Mrs D Drury (also rep Gary and Dawn Drury); Jillian Bull (also rep Roger Bull); Mrs L and K Willoughby (also rep Mr and Mrs Thackeray; Mrs C Willoughby-Clifton); Tim and Doreen Rowson (also rep Rowson family); Jan Hyland (also rep Charlie Hyland); Graham Noon (also rep Cosgrove family); Peter Noon; Jeff Houghton (also rep Wendy Houghton); Barry Drury; Laura Thompson; Diane Wych; Rose Toyn; Mr and Mrs D Ivatt (also rep Grace and Marilyn Clarke; Pat Chambers); Beryl Bett; Keith and Irene Wallis; Paul and Kate Jackman; Sarah McNamara; Nick and Sally Kirk (also rep Steven Kirk); Paul Goy (also rep Mr and Mrs C Heneage; Mrs R Heneage); Mrs Robert Heneage; Valerie Stone; Josie Corker; John Kane (also rep Margaret Kane); Trisha Browns; John and Mary Sims; Ray Waltersl; Mr and Mrs R Laughton; Dennis and Jean Brader; Ruth Brader; E Veal; Anne Green; Hilary Young (also rep Nick, Melissa and James Young and also Staff from Nick Young Tractor parts); Harvey and Alison Loynes; Shirley Lane (also rep Carl Rounce); Helen Blakey; Elaine Blakey; Cyril Blakey; Mrs. Jackson; Linda King; Mr and Mrs C Wybrow; Brenda Jackson (also rep Jamie and Anna Jackson); Neil Jackson; Cliff and Sue Spence (also rep. Trevor and Shirley Watson; Victoria Chambers); Stephen Marflitt; Keith Scott; Jo Swift (also rep Pam and Alan Till); Doreen and Jim Howsham; Anne and Pete Crooks; Marie South; Audrey and Pete South; Sarah South; Paul Martin; David Simmonds and Janet Simmonds; Alan Evison; Jeff Pickwell; Dick Seward (also rep the Seward family); Wayne and Anne Radley; Caroline Wood; Mr and Mrs W Marriott; David and Sally Ward; Andrew Wylie; Rodger Garnett; Ray Harness; Richard Smith; Christine Jolliffe; Jane Marshall (also rep Adam, Nina and Drew); Blue and Dave Maplethorpe (also rep Tom, Henry and Kit Maplethorpe); Jane Washington (also rep the Nutting family); Kevin Jerromes; Mr and Mrs R Faulkner; Linda Jacobs; Mr and Mrs S. Alcock.