OBITUARY: Monica Mary Turner

Monica Mary Turner EMN-141009-151551001
Monica Mary Turner EMN-141009-151551001
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Monica Mary Turner, a retired Governor at Eastfield Infant and Nursery School, passed away on July 20 2014 aged 83 years.

Monica, who had lived in Louth all her life, won a scholarship to Louth Girls Grammar School in 1942. After leaving school, she was employed as a Telephonist at Louth Telephone Exchange.

Marrying in 1950, Monica went on to have five boys, Stephen, David, Ian, Brian and Colin.

Once the boys were old enough Monica returned to her former occupation as a Telephonist, this time at RAF Manby. Moving on she became manager of Moncaster`s Cheese Shop in New Street and her final employment was at Grandways Supermarket.

After retiring from paid employment, Monica began a new career as a helper to others, she cooked and entertained the, as she called them, old folks at the Link Day Centre although she was actually older than most of those she cared for, she enjoyed this job until her late seventies. She helped, and was also a Governor, at St Bernards Special School, only stepping down as she approached her eighties.

But the work she most enjoyed in retirement was as Eastfield Infant and Nursery School. Monica started out as an escort taking children to and from the swimming pool but she was soon tasked to help inside the classrooms. She specialised in helping slower learners to read but she would undertake any task where she could help children. Monica spent nearly 20 years at the school, many of which were as a Governor. The more time she could spend with children, the more she enjoyed it. Again it was only her age that forced her to step down.

Monica had very little time for hobbies, being kept busy by bringing up 5 boys and after retiring, her voluntary work at the Link and Eastfield School, but she did enjoy knitting, baking and cooking. Her marmalade and cheese scones were enjoyed by many friends and colleagues in Louth.

Monica passed away peacefully at the Diana Princess of Wales Hospital, Grimsby, following an emergency operation to replace a hip she unfortunately broke in a fall.

Monica will be sadly missed by her family and all who were touched by her kindness and care for others.

A celebration of Monica’s life was held at Nichol Hill Chapel, those attending were:- Mr Stephen and Mrs Alison Turner, Mr David Turner and Miss Chloe Turner, Mr Ian Turner and Ms Linda Twiss, Mr Brian and Mrs Deb Turner, Mr Colin Turner and Ms J Daniels, Miss Emily Turner – grandaughter, Mr Paul Turner – grandson, Mrs Helen Birch – grandaughter, Mr Elliot Turner – great grandson, Mr Simon Shepherd – nephew, Ms Juanita Shepherd - niece, Mrs J Gibson – cousin (also representing Malcolm and Stuart), Mr Adam Fudge, Ms Katie Fudge, Mrs Wyn Rowland, Mrs Margaret Ely, Mr Norman Hauton, Miss Shirley Barnes Wallis, Mrs Leeman, Mr Mike Gibson, Mrs Jan Sutton, Miss Sharon Oldroyd, Mrs Caroline Pridgeon, Mr Pete Pridgeon, Mrs Marian Gaunt, Mrs Sheila Jacklin (also representing Mr Vince Jacklin), Mr Stuart Sizer, Mrs Turney, Mr Kidd, Mrs Audrey Gardner, Mrs Sheila Ross, Mr Paul Gower (also representing Mrs Sally Gower), Mr Martin and Mrs Alison Laking, Mr John and Mrs Janice Bolger, Mrs Jane Turner, Mr Lewis Jaques, Mrs Alison Fox (also representing Eastfield Infant School), Mrs Peggy Hobkinson, Mrs Sarah Akhurst, Headteacher (also representing Eastfield Infant School), Mrs Liz Marris (also representing John, Debbie and Hugh Campbell), Mr David Parker - Norpol Packaging (also representing Alison and Richard Parker), Mrs Mary Connor, Mr Malcolm Taylor, Mrs Elizabeth Clarke, Mr Stuart and Mrs Kate Craig (also representing Eastfield Infant School), Miss Pamela Kidd, Miss Ella Kidd, Mr Donald and Mrs Jane Macpherson, Mr David Jones, Miss Ruth Siddle, Mr Gwyn Law, Mr Stephen and Mrs Lynn Wilkinson, Mrs Lynn Addison, Mrs Eileen Jackson, Mr Pete Jackson, Mr Gordon Allen (also representing Mrs Sonja Allen), Mrs Gillian Green (also representing Mr John Green), Mrs Jenny Bosworth, Mr Kenneth and Mrs Jill Day, Mrs June Sweeney, Mrs Jennifer Smith, Mr Andrew Birch, Miss Sarah Vamplew, Mrs Carol Knowles, Mrs Congreve (Hobkinson), Mr John and Mrs Tess Hughes, Mr Colin and Mrs Freda Craven, Mr Trevor Bateman, Mr Dids Packard, Mrs Carol Avery, Mr C Atkinson, Mrs Jean McEwan.

Arrangements conducted by Lincolnshire Co operative Funeral Services (Inc V Walker).