OBITUARY: Noel John Patrick Glennon

Noel John Patrick Glennon EMN-140212-082503001
Noel John Patrick Glennon EMN-140212-082503001
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The funeral service for the late Noel John Patrick Glennon (Paddy), aged 71 years was held on Thursday 6th November 2014 at Alford Crematorium. The service was conducted by Father Adrian Convery and the following mourners attended.

Family Mourners: Mrs Janet Glennon wife; Aev and Richard Oke daughter and son in law; Yvette and Simon Day daughter and son in law; Sam Oke grandson; Roy Hill brother in law; Derek and Ursula Broughton brother in law and sister in law (also rep Dan and Rebecca Bolus niece); Timothy Broughton brother in law; Julie and Gavin Short niece; Gavin and Tina Hill nephew; Jack Hill great nephew; Annaliese Hill great niece;

Barbara Oke mother in law; Susie Watchman (also rep Hugh, Joseph and Matthew); Ken and Sheila Larder cousin; Chris Brook (also rep Brian Brook); Sidney and Jean Day; Malcolm Day and Beverley West; Ron and Trish Larder cousin; Ivy Larder cousin[ Deborah Storr (also rep Trevor Larder); Keith and Liz Barker cousin; Dave and Barbara Larder cousin; George Larder cousin; Roy Hill brother in law; Tim Broughton brother in law; Gavin and Julie Short niece; Derek and Ursula Broughton brother in law; Gavin, Tina, Jack and Annaliese Hill nephew. Other Mourners: June Sweeney (also rep Andrew, Paul Sweeney, Catherine Freighter and Debbie Sweeney); Tina Johnson, Craig Johnson and Joan Hill; Rosie Leak (also rep Jo Barraclough and Fiona Leak); Trevor Sharpe; Diane Wych; Dave Ranshaw; Charlie Donigan; Sam and Janet Ranshaw (also rep Jim and Hilary Ashman, Shaun and Amanda Ranshaw); David Brown; Hazel Vickers (also rep Graham Vickers); Hayley Minchin; Hannah Proctor; David and Pauline Driffill; Jill Day; Shirley Garlic; Emma Hutson; Keith and Barbara Marshall Claudia and Mick Booth; Lillith Fraser and Guy Fraser; Debbie Gardner and Tom Cope; Alex and Heather Davison; Kate Urry; Judith Ebrey; Sachie Shinohara; Patricia Thomas; Malcolm Robinson; Gary Allbones; Basil Dixon; David, Bonita, Ashley and Tom Chapman; P Pridmore; Colin and Lynn Wayne; Vi Simpson and Amanda McMullan (rep Alms).

Funeral arrangements were by Kettle Funeral Directors, Louth