OBITUARY: Norman Parker

A service to celebrate the life of Norman Parker, 74, was held at Marshchapel Methodist Chapel.

It was conducted by the Rev. David Newlove and Mr Roger Maidens.

Norman had lived in the village all his life and worshipped at the chapel where he was a steward and treasurer, he was a keen supporter of events in the village, a quiet man, he loved to watch all sports and spend his time in his garden.

He will be greatly missed by all the family and many friends. Funeral arrangements were by Lincolnshire Co-operative Funeral Services (inc. V. Walker Funeral Service)

The following mourners attended:

Family Mourners: Doreen & John Silvester, sister & brother in law, Andrew & Julie Silvester, nephew & niece, Julie & Peter Finch, niece & nephew, Emma Silvester, great niece, Robert Silvester, great nephew, Thomas Finch, great nephew, Daniel Finch, great nephew, Mr Brian Parker, Cousin, Mrs Albert Parker, Cousin, Mr & Mrs Jim and Gwen Parker, Cousin and wife (also rep Margaret Blades), Mr & Mrs Jean and Tony Coupland, Cousin and husband (also rep the Parker family), John and Diane Collins.

Other Mourners: Mrs Jo Holland, Mr John Wilson (also rep Mrs Betty Wilson), Mr & Mrs Philip and Kathleen Wilson, Mrs Ann Frith, Mrs Doreen Jarvis, Mrs June Portus (also rep Mrs Barbara Davy), Mr & Mrs Carol and Jill Sutton, Mrs May Harneiss, Mr Ken Hewson, Mr & Mrs Robert and Deen Borrill, Mr Stanley Lowis, Mrs Lindy Hargreaves, Mrs Heather Clover, Mrs Gladys Hurt, Mr & Mrs Janet and Rick Pasquill (also rep Mr & Mrs D West), Mr & Mrs Janet and Robert Hurton, Mr & Mrs Liz and Edward Mossop (also rep Bob Dale), Mrs Claire Frary, Mr & Mrs Steven and Lynne Yates, Mr Barry Ireland (also rep Susan), Mr Alan Jacklin, Mr Ivor Jacklin, Mrs Pauline Jacklin, Mrs Marie Dalton (also rep Al and Rick Parkinson and Jessie Ireland), Mr Cliff Osbourne, Mrs Dawn Nichols (also rep Marshchapel Pop In), Mr & Mrs Philip and Janice Greenfield, Mr Henry Rutter, Mr & Mrs Paul and Veronica Hillier (also rep Jim and Mary Moy and Brian and Katy Turner), Mrs Beryl Biglin (also rep Julie and Mark), Mr & Mrs Cecil and Barbara Jacklin, Mrs Andrew Jacklin, Mr & Mrs John Manders, Mr & Mrs Fisher, Mr & Mrs Roger and Alice Maidens, Mrs Edna Hedison (also rep Barry), Mr & Mrs Sheila and Basil Reeson, Mr & Mrs Dave and Anne Wray, Mr Geoff Bartholomew B E M, Mrs Sheila Grundy (also rep John Grundy and the Speed family), Mr Deryck Hand, Mrs Pat Pardy (also rep George Baldock), Mrs Janet Irving, Mr Stephen Wray, Mr Tony Leak, (also rep Bill Maddison and Shirley), Mr Julien Jackson, Mrs Doreen Woodward, Mr Alan Epton, Mr Michael Grantham (also rep Mrs Margaret Grantham and Bernard and Maureen Hutchinson), Mr & Mrs Tony and Barbara Burgess (also rep Isobel Burgess), Mrs Marjorie Borman, Mrs Mavis Fowler, Mrs Jackie Fenwick, Mr David Smart, Mrs Elizabeth Stubbs (also rep Grimoldby Whist Drive), Mrs Edna Cockrill (also rep Lorna Emmerson), Mrs Carol Speed, Mrs Pat Beeton, Mr & Mrs Jim and Olivia Hurton, Mrs Marjorie Mossop (also rep Helen), Mr & Mrs Stuart and Cherrilyn Smith (also rep Alison and Adam), Mrs Julia Cresswell (also rep Richard, Charlotte and George Cresswell), Mrs Sylvia Caine, Mrs Jean Cawkwell, Mr John Dennis, Mrs Eileen Robinson, Mrs Doreen Blow, Mr & Mrs Roger and Stephanie Chapman, Mrs Ruth Sutton (also rep Harry), Mrs Freda Oliver (also rep Gweneth and Keith), Mr & Mrs Bill and Gill Funnell, Mrs Anne Hodgson (also rep Mrs Betty Blades), Mrs Sheila Collins (also rep Brian Papworth), Mrs Yvonne Watson, Mr & Mrs John and Gwen Rhodes, Mr & Mrs Peter and Margaret Hydes, Miss Diane Sutton, Mrs Kathy Dobson, Mr & Mrs Charles and Sylvia Epton, Mr & Mrs Nick and Lin Stones, Mr & Mrs Roy and Kay Towle, Mr Bryan Utteridge, Mr Michael Collins (also rep Lesley, Adam and Amy), Mr Edward Mossop, Mrs Eileen Beswick, Mrs Kathy Hart, Miss Faith Faulkner.