OBITUARY: Owen Lanwarne McConnell

Owen Lanwarne McConnell EMN-140711-134859001
Owen Lanwarne McConnell EMN-140711-134859001
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The Thanksgiving Service for the late Owen Lanwarne McConnell, aged 64 years was held on Tuesday October 29 2014 at St Edith’s Church Grimoldby. The service was conducted by Reverend Daphne King and the following mourners attended:

Family Mourners; Pam Mcconnell wife, Mary Freeman mother in law, Jean Mcconnell sister in law, Anne Clarke cousin, Lorraine and Bob Smith niece and husband, Andy and Jane Lowe cousins, Steve and Lynne Saville cousins, Jonathon and Jenny Lowe nephew,

Joshua Lowe great nephew, Mark and Anne Shearsmith cousins,Colin and Olive Rhodes uncle and auntie, John and Julie Grimmer cousin, Catriona Overton cousin, James Addison & Charlotte Saville niece and partner, Pam Baxter aunt, James Lowe nephew,

Kirsty Lowe and Joe Garner niece and partner, Ian & Keith Burrett cousins, Ruth East cousin. Other Mourners; Graham Cowley and Polly Pike (also rep Robert and Julie Addison, Bryan and Patricia Huxford, Kevin and Jennifer Avery), Mary Mundy, Julie Walker, Marjorie Jackson, David and Sharon Bushell (also rep Thomas and Charlotte Bushell), Tracey Nichols (also rep Wayne Nichols), Steve Lyall, Jacky Smith (also rep Paul Nilsson), Carla Taylor (also rep Caron Borrill), Julie Bell (also rep Keith, Jake and Rachel Bell), David Johnson (also rep Bluefin Insurance), Pearl Arliss, Rebecca, Mark, Matthew and Ben Barmby, Carol King, Peter Freeman Jnr and Terry Freeman, Steve Ward, Michael and Margaret Moreton, Eric Altoft, Sue White, John and Jane Dickenson, Mike and Chris Marshall, John Clare (also rep Peter Strawson), Malcolm and Anne Johnson, Sarah Mammatt, Andy Smith (also rep Dave Sharpe), Gail Bradbury, Linda Anderson Smith, Colin and Bridget Brader, Derek and Aileen Blow (rep Louth Lions), Frank, Jackie and Daniel Chalkley, John Lomas (also rep Connie), Terrence and Cynthia West (also rep Richard West and Rachael Chambers), Harvey Brown (rep Manby Post Office and Stores), Malcolm and Joyce Brown, Peter Rogers, Will and Susanne Hennessy, Karen Spooner (also rep Martin Spooner), David and Carol Petch, Bill and Jenny Bontoft, Danny and Iris Wright, Bryan Streets, Alistair and Sharon Needham (also rep Steve and Maureen Addison), Brian Foreman (also rep Teresa Foreman), Kate Forsyth (rep Grimoldby School), William and Kyle Forsyth, Pete and Pam Roberts,

Bill and Yvonne Wood (also rep Peter Dickenson, Di Everett and Lincolnshire Lady Taverners), Pat and Judi Jacklin (rep GRS Signs Company), Freda Tuplin (also rep S & L Tuplin), Patrick and Christine Hagan, Jenny Westbrook, Gabrielle Head, Victor and Enid Borrill, Hazel Benson, Mo Gallagher, Geoff Henderson, Tom & Hilary Mountain (also rep T & G Mountain), Michael Brickwood, Ian Atkinson (also rep Christine), Malcolm Waite, Ian and Mary Flockton, Mick and Pauline Ellis, Sharon Frost (also rep Allan Frost), Trevor and Ria Wright, Andrew Wrisdale, Pam Hinsley, Tom and Jean Heyes, Pete Lammin (also rep Freda and Ali Robinson), Fred Alexander, Barry and Brenda Coupland, Rob Carr (also rep Judy Carr), Lynn Chapman, Andrew Johnson, Geoff and Liz Waters, Kevin Skinner, Victoria Ford, Jane Jacklin (rep Louth and District Lions Club), Susan Dillon, Min and Katie Chiang, Jim Waumsley, Arthur and Pauline White, Audrey Gardner (also rep Gardner family), Kate Brooks (also rep Mark Grantham), Tony Moss and Linda Lugg, Councillor Terry Knowles and Linda Knowles, Georgina Young, Jean Boardman, Melanie Wrisdale-Hewitt, Lydia Sinclair, David Spindley (also rep Paul Spindley), Jenny Kennedy (also rep Mel Kennedy), Ken and Jean Harness, Michael and Clio Watts, Ian Watson (rep Co op Farms), Dawn Rodgers (also rep Richard Askam, Erice and Jean Rodgers) ,Jennifer Capindale (also rep Brian), Alvin Chapman, A B Clark (also rep F Robertson), Julia Roughton, C P G Wright, S M Coleman, Mark and Jayne Casswell (also rep James and William), Janet Casswell (rep Roy, John and Sonya Casswell and family), Ken and Sheila Larder (also rep Owen Plaskett), Ken and Maggie Moss, Jean Saville, Paul and Helen Stubbs, Cecily Davy (also rep Marjorie Dring), Chris and Helen Andrews, John and Sandra King, Pat and Jacky Jacklin, Sue Eriksson, Sheridan Young (also rep Caroline and Lauren), Brian, Brigitte, Anja and Selina Sanderson, Steven and Ann Lampard, Jason and Wendy Shepley, Graham and Sue Sykes, Jeremy and Jenny Toulson, Richard and Christine Hall, Val Pattinson, Ron Irwin, John Spooner, Rob Sharpley, Ron and Trish Larder, Peter and Wendy Mountain, Ray and Iris Donnelly, Keith Knights, Paul and Linda Marwood (also rep Ron and Jean Marwood), Charles and Jenny Baxter, Gill Thompson, Roger and Julia Labbett, Pamela Haywood (also rep Trevor Haywood), Chrissy and Chris Kirk, Keith and Sue Dalton, Geoff & Pat Wright, Philip Roper, Stewart and Sandy Wilkinson, Amanda Gilbert, Ray and Tracy Archer, Les and Janet Viner, Paul Simpson. Funeral arrangements were by Kettle Funeral Directors, Louth.