OBITUARY: Roland Fiddling

The funeral service of the late Roland Fiddling was held at Alford Crematorium on Tuesday January 20, 2015

Arrangements were conducted by Lincolnshire Co-operative Funeral Services and the service was conducted by Reverend Kate Toogood and the following mourners attended:

Family mourners: Sheila, Wife, Christopher and Pat, Son and partner, Sandra, Daughter, Kelly, Marie, Jackie and Frances, Granddaughters, Chris, Danny and Ron, Partners of Kelly, Jackie and Frances, Mrs Nancy Adlard, Sister (also representing Ann Fiddling), Mrs Betty and Mr John Wilson, Sister and brother-in-law, Mrs Sharon and Mr Dave Bushell, Niece and husband, Thomas and Charlotte Bushell, Great nephew and niece, Mr David Wilson, Nephew (also representing Ms Angela Lane), Mrs Claire Plowright, Niece (also representing Sam, Joe and Annie), Mr Mark and Mrs Paula Wilson, Nephew, Mr Dennis and Mrs Jean Brader, Cousin, Geoff and Olwyn, Cousin, Mrs Maureen Marshall, Cousin, Mr Roy and Mrs Rachel Laughton, Cousin, Mr David and Mrs Patricia Yates, Niece (also representing Mr Dennis Fiddling (brother), Mr Martin Fiddling (nephew) and Mrs Penny Fiddling), Mr and Mrs Norton, Cousin, Mrs Margaret West, Cousin, Mr Ray and Mrs Iris Harniess, Cousin.

Other mourners: Mr Raymond and Mrs Patricia Troop (Work Colleague), Mr John Vickers (also representing Mrs Shirley Vickers), Mr Bob Sheldon (also representing Mrs Sheila Sheldon), Mr David and Mrs Gwen Muggleton, Mrs Kathy Snape, Mr Malcolm and Mrs Joan Overton, Mr and Mrs Carter, Mr Bill and Mrs Helen Heath, Mrs Eileen Rushby, Mr David Rushby, Mrs Jean Spring, Mr John White, Mrs Carol Flynn, Mrs Josie Steadman, Mrs Kirsty Marsh-Dean, Miss Kerry Bowden, Mr Frank Clark, Mr Kevin Sheldon (also representing Mr William Haggas, Mr Graham Ingoldmells, Walmsgate Estates), Mr Lee West (also representing Harry and Georgina West), Mr Bill Bontoft (also representing Mr John and Mrs Nancy Peppard), Mr Brian and Mrs Val Beckett (also representing John and Ruth), Mr Alan and Mrs Kay Shepherd, Mrs Sarah Dennis (also representing Mr Will Haggas, Ms Emma Bullock), Mr Leslie Bluff (also representing Mrs Heather Bluff), Mr David Haxby, Mr Gordon and Mrs Paula Bruntlett, Miss Jodie White, Mrs Dorothy Taylor (also representing Mr John Taylor and Mrs Sylvia Jaines), Mr Ray and Mrs Ann Mumby, Mr Gordon and Mrs Delia Adlard, Mr Tony Bourne, June Blades.