OBITUARY: Shelley Ruth Hewson

Shelley Ruth Hewson EMN-150318-134756001
Shelley Ruth Hewson EMN-150318-134756001

The funeral service for the late Shelley Ruth Hewson, aged 56 years, was held on Tuesday February 3 at St Mary’s Church Covenham.

The service was conducted by the Reverends Alan Hundleby and Jean Wrisdale and the following mourners attended.

Family Mourners: Alan Hodson, partner (also rep Stan and Brenda Hodson, Peter and Martin Hodson); Jane Hewson, sister in law; Terry Espin, cousin; Sally Brown, cousin.

Other Mourners: Ernest and Anne McCready; Andy and Lorraine Andrews; Daryl Harrison and Donna Thompson; Colin and Helen Craggs (also rep Joy Chafer); Tim Van-der-vord; Joanne Smith; Margaret Brader; Beryl Motley; Lisa Frampton (also rep Marcus Motley); David Kettle (also rep Gill); Sheila Larter (church warden); Ralph and Julie Pinder (also rep girls at Hair and Body Shop); Mary Stark (also rep Norman Hannigan); Michael and June Townell; Stephanie Dale (also rep Kate Witney and Jo Pacey); Ruby Todd; David and Jackie Bell; Ian Leak; Elaine McClellan; Jeff and Margaret Row (also rep David and Gill Wrisdale); Matthew Row (also rep Kate Row); Les Metcalf; Lee and Sally Austin (also rep Colin and Kay Birkwood); M. D. Popoff; Jean Harness; Val Pedder; Stephen and Val Potts; Kevin Shaduwa (also rep Ian and Jenny Evans); Tom and Evelyn Berry; Eileen Jacklin (also rep Steve Jacklin); Alison Fazakelley (also rep Ian Fazakelley); Deborah Burgess; Jayne Caborne; Keith and Liz Barker; Kim Jerome; Peggy Rennison; Toni Lidgard; Andrew Stevenson (also rep Stevenson family); Jez Lock (also rep Sally Evans); Lesley Brown; Jane Payne; Reg Davis (also rep Brenda Davis); Lynne Owens; Bernard and Janet Ducker; Tony and Bobby Kitching; Maurice and Barbara Why; Councillor Edward Mossop; Dale and Claire Allison; Beverley Chase; Phil and Jan Mann; John Evison; Heather Parkinson; Geoffrey Thompson; Christine Hufton.

Funeral arrangements were by Kettle Funeral Directors, Louth