OBITUARY: Valerie Millard

Valerie Millard EMN-140304-115648001
Valerie Millard EMN-140304-115648001

The funeral service for the late Valerie Millard aged 58 years was held on Thursday February 13 at All Saints Church South Elkington.

The service was conducted by Reverend Lorraine Turner and the following mourners attended:

Family Mourners: Peter Millard, Husband, Jason and Nicola Millard, Son and Daughter-in-law, Craig Millard and Harry Payne, Son and Son-in-law, Zoe Millard, Daughter, Celia Bourne, Mother, Joshua Millard, Grandson also representing Libby Millard, Grandaughter , Ellie and Connor Grey, Grandson and Grandaughter, Edith Millard, Mother, Mother-in-law, James Sealy, Peter and Gwen Davey, Ray and Irene Bourne, Uncle and Aunty, Betty Bourne, Aunty, Alan Bourne, Cousin, Paul and Rosalyn Symonds, June Toulson, also rep Alison and Anne, Carl Coulsbra and Kiya, Nephew and Godson, Alison Frecknall, Cousin, Gladys Dawson, Aunty, Marilyn Dawson, Cousin, Michelle Good, Niece, Helen George and Lee Spence, Niece, Janet Bourne, Sister in Law, Paul and Julie Wilkinson, Brother in Law and Sister, Carl and Tracey Wilkinson, Brother in Law and Sister, Callum Brown, Nephew, Martin and Tina Bounre, Brother and Sister in Law, Sarah Wilkinson, Niece, Emma Montgomery, also rep James Wilkinson, Nephew, Wayne Bourne, Nephew, also rep Aaron Bourne, Ian and Helen Bourne, Brother and Sister in Law, Paul and Vicky Schofield, Brother in Law and Sister, Dick Payne, also rep Payne Family, Jane Dolman, Kathleen Tuckley, Gerry and Brenda Davey, Cousins, Andrew and Debbie Goulsbra, Brother in Law and Sister, Hannah Goulsbra, Niece, Sandra Jolly, Sister, also rep Michael Dawson, Shaun and Leslie Caborn and Family (Canada), Robert and Wendy Fegan, also rep Daniel and Jack Kelly, Erin Fegan, Adrian and Gail Bourne, Nephew, Emma Bounre, Marcus and Ruth Bounre, also rep Emily and Alice Bounre, Janet and John Bounre, Jackie Clark, Sister in Law, Les Bourne, Uncle.

Other Mourners: David and Marlene Hardy, Nigel and Angela Wray, also rep Jill Jacklin, John Myers, Church Warden, Lisa Harkess, Judy Drabble, Brian and Daphne Buckley, Diane Howel, also rep Adrian and Joseph, Wendy Barker, also rep Ralph Benton, Nick Leuty, Brian and Vicky Broughton, also rep Family, Susan Deacon and Iris Coral, Brenda Foxon, also rep Stanley Edwards, Margaret Newton, Glenda Fisher, also rep Michael Fisher, Rick and Kath Weatherill, Linda Mfinanga, Collette Jeffery, Robert and Pearl Powell, Alison Clover, also rep Lynn Rigg, Marge Austen, Christine Turnera, Cleo Watts, Michael Watts, also rep Margaret Noon, Tracey and Andy Charlton, Michael Squires, also rep Amanda Greenfield, Barbara Fowler, Richard and Denise Garbutt, also rep Mick Webber, Anne Mitchell, Heidi Knudsen, John and Peggy Thornley, Steve Blyth, Chris and Jo Pacey, Jeanette Simpson, also rep Simpson Family, Elaine Dawson, also rep John Dawson, Gary Dawson and Paula Spenser, also rep Louise Dawson, Marge Judd, Mandy Grant, Jacqueline Creighton, Karen Percy (Blake), John and Susan Hodson, Mandy Fraser, Marilyn Spence, Nigel and Jill Trafford, Mark and Abigail Middleton, Pam Nickerson, Grace Dobson, Charles Dobson, Becky Ward, Louise Hunt, Elaine Speed, Anne Lewis, Community Outreach Team, Alice Harris, Kate Deaves, Claire Fenwick, Jayne Tulefson and Nattalie Pratt, rep MI Home Care, Simon and Maddie West, also rep Andrew and Gill Brook, Robert and Jenny Rose, Kirsty Butt, also rep Andy Milly, Jane Grantham, Vera Grantham, Tim and Andrea Mason-Voss, Chris Paddison, also rep Mary Paddison and Neal and Julie Paddison, Julie Harris, Ivor Nicholson, Susan Keefe, Diane Nightingale, Paul Woods, Evelyn Spendlow, Rosemary Clark, Joanne Rook, also rep Magde Holden, Ian and Ann Ward, also rep Janet and Martin Harris, Rachel Craig Dawson, Alice Laking and Donna Harness rep MI Homecare, Kevin and Pat Armstrong, Brian Kirkby, also rep June and Family, Martin Fawcett, Tony Prestwood, also rep Liz, Lesley Smith, also rep David, Pauline May, also rep Kathleen Ash, Shona Glover, Debbie Glover, Sue Hurst, also rep Jo McDonald, Ysanne Deans, Sandy Rance, also rep Neil Rance, Jack Wyman, Angie Laking, Tony and Carol Stubbs, Mick Caborn, Andrea Gray, Jo Hall, Donna Lyons and Debbie Green, Jane Wright, Steve Cokeham, Selian Woosley, Clare Taylor, Julie Everett, also rep Eileen Page, Henryka Monks, Lizie Roberts, George Kendall, Jasmine Harding, Jill Appleyard.

Funeral arrangements were by Kettle Funeral Directors, Louth