OBITUARY: Wally Cave

Mr T Cave EMN-140907-142122001
Mr T Cave EMN-140907-142122001

The funeral service for the late Wally Cave 85 years, husband of Gladys Emily Cave formerly of The Alms Houses, Louth, was held on Friday 20th June at Alford Crematorium.

Wally passed away at The Wolds Care Centre on 4th June after a long illness.

Originally from Newcastle upon Tyne, he only lived in Louth for six years but made lots of friends and will be sadly missed.

He was a truly influential and unique man who fought his battle so bravely to the end.

Arrangements conducted by Lincolnshire Co operative Funeral Services (Inc V Walker)

The service was conducted by Reverend Ian Partridge and the following mourners attended:

Lesley Hawson (daughter), James Cave (son), Irene Cave (daughter-in-law), Roger Hawson (son-in-law), Dylan Cave (grandson) and 
Katrina Cave, Leon Cave (grandson), Jordan Mackin (grandson) and 
Ally Mackin, Jaime Scollick (grandaughter), Tayler Malkinson (great granddaughter), Lauren Cave (great granddaughter), Xander Cave (great grandson), Julie Ridley, Bobbie Hayward, Paul Hayward, Ronnie Cave (brother) and, Margaret Cave, Martin Cave, Margaret Todd, Andrew Fell, Yvonne Dodd and Richard Dodd, Rene Mulligan, Janice Lawson, Ann Morton, Kerry Lawson, Jacquie Hannay, Shane Hodgson, Norma Howard, Alan Cave, Iris Marshall, Colin Cave, Alison and Alan Wharton, Barry and Jill Cave, Kevin and Linda Cave, Simon Cave, Shaun Cave, Ruth Shanks, Alison Mitchell, Tom Guthriem, Yvonne Westbrook, Martin Dixon, Viv Channing, Nicola and John Mackin, Sharon Tarbut, Mrs Janet Hawson, Mrs Johanna Hawson (also representing Mr Andrew Hawson), Mrs Parm Chahal-Hawson (also representing Mr Peter Hawson), Mr David Brooks, Mr Colin and Mrs Karen Strickland, Mr Michael Armstrong (also representing Mr Rod and Mrs Jane Baddon), Mrs Mandy Stephenson, Mr Rob West (No 5), Mr Ieuan Bullivant, Miss S Ciechanowski (also representing The Almshouses, Louth), Cath, Warden of The Almshouses, Louth, Mr Michael Parr, Mr Parr (Buster), Mrs Shirley Parr, Mrs Susan Hawson (also representing Mr Richard and Mrs Geraldine Murrison and Ms Elizabeth Lavender), Mr Bill Boyd, Miss Katie Garmston (Wolds Care Centre), Miss Lily Channing, Mr Tom and Mrs Charlie Graves, Mr Steve and Mrs Helen Channing, Mr and Mrs Cartwright, Mr Donald Mackin, Mr Alan and Mrs Kathy Meegan, Mrs Val Kent and Stacey, Mr George Martin, Mr Tony and Mrs Jean Parr.