Fiery end to 2011 for Mablethorpe coastwatch

VOLUNTEERS at the Mablethorpe NCI coastwatch station were met with an unexploded parachute flare found by a member of the public.

It was their last shift of 2011 on New Year’s Eve and they were presented with the flare, primed and ready for detonation, which was found on the beach.

The police were alerted and were able to safely dispose of the flare.

The crew at the coastwatch station at the Quebec car park are keen to warn the public not to pick up objects found on the beach.

Station manager Tony Mee said: “Any object however innocuous found on the beach can be lethal and a danger to life and limb, especially on the beaches to the south of the Donna Nook ranges, where the military carry out live firing exercises.”

The NCI say the best thing to do if you find a suspicious object is mark it, then report it to the coastwatch or call 999. Do not kick it or attempt to move it.