Ghost sighting at Louth pub?


LOUTH Paranormal Research Team has recently undertaken an investigation at the Gas Lamp Lounge in Louth after reports of ghostly goings on.

The team hit the spook spot in Thames Street, Louth, and detected ghoulish activity in the form of an entity called ‘Charlie’.

The team felt the presence of this ghostly ghoul haunting the premises and discovered he had been in an accident on site and lost his hand.

These suggestions were later confirmed by the staff at the popular pub as accurate.

Whistling, humming and mysterious movements have been heard coming from empty rooms, adding to the spooky atmosphere.

The team were at the pub into the early hours of the morning conducting experiments and taking pictures and videos.

The aim of the local research team is to find the scientific explanation to paranormal activity.

Team Leader Kerry Cox said: “We may have also caught an extra spectral team member on camera but this is still under review.

“All in all it was a great evening with some further evidence still to review. We shall be going back soon as we feel the Gas Lamp has more to give.”