Rick tastes life at the sharp end for hospice

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A CHARITY fundraising couple passed through Louth last week on their 25 towns in 25 days cycling tour, raising money for St Andrew’s Hospice.

Rick Marshall, known as The Prince of Nails thanks to his love of lying down on a bed of nails, is cycling from Scarborough to Lincoln and back via towns in our region.

Rick, 52, has an inoperable brain tumour himself, and has featured on BBC Children in Need in the past thanks to his charity exploits.

Scarborough resident Rick has been cycling around the region on his trusty bike, with his bed of nails in tow which he kindly laid down on to pose for our photo.

His partner Christina, or mascot Milly Bear, provides support in her car along with their caravan.

Christina also suffers from ill health, but this has not stopped the pair from raising nearly £200,000 over the past year through various fundraising activities.

Rick said: “We’re only into the second day and we have 23 left, and it’s been really hard work so far, but we absolutely love it.

“We’ll be fundraising until either myself or Christina aren’t here any more. We’re not setting targets for this one, it’s the biggest fundraiser we’ve ever done and we just want to raise as much as we can for the hospice as it had a massive effect on us when we visited.”

The duo stopped off at Ye Olde White Swan pub in Louth for a well earned rest break, and were given free accommodation for the night by Yonder Caravan Park. They passed through Mablethorpe on Monday as part of the tour.

Rick and Christina are keen to carry on their fundraising efforts, and are looking to do more fundraising activities for local charities who aren’t Government funded.

To contact Rick call 01723 892566 or visit www.princeofnails.co.uk.

l Tell us about your charity fundraisers by calling 01507 353200 or email sam.kinnaird@jpress.co.uk.