Video: Little Cawthorpe man set for his annual holiday, a 1,000km solo cycle ride to Copenhagen

A Little Cawthorpe man is once again gearing up for his holiday with a difference... a 1,000km cycle ride through Europe to Copenhagen. Solo.

David Bolland, 76, takes to his bicycle every year to travel incredible distances, all in the name of ‘relaxation’.

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The former councillor is setting off on his bike for Humberside Airport on Sunday morning, where he will fly to Schiphol, Amsterdam before journeying through Germany to Copenhagen, Denmark.

In recent years David’s ‘holiday destinations’ have been Spain, Slovenia and Italy, each time travelling on his bike.

David books no hotels in advance, and just spends each night where he can ‘beg or borrow’ some accommodation.

When he gets to Copenhagen he simply flies back to Stansted with his bike, before getting a lift back to his Little Cawthorpe home.

Watch the video to see David mapping his route for this year’s 1,000km trek.