Video: Mablethorpe, or the Sahara? Huge sand piles blown onto promenade

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Mablethorpe’s promenade continues to resemble the Sahara desert after huge piles of sand were blown on to it from the beach after high winds.

Gale-force winds coming from the east have swept huge piles of sand off the beaches onto roads, pathways, and into people’s gardens, and a warning has been sounded that the sand won’t be clear in time for Easter weekend.

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John Watkin, who lives in Church Close in Sutton on Sea woke up on Monday morning to find his back garden covered in six inches of golden sand.

East Lindsey District Council’s street scene area manager, Danny Wilson, said the authority had been working to clear the sand, but the weekend’s strong winds brought them ‘back to square one’.

“For the past three weeks teams from the district council have been working hard to clear sand from the promenades ahead of the busy Easter period.

“The strong easterly wind has undone all the good work and we’re back to square one.

“Until the easterly wind dies down, the very best we can do is try to keep the main promenades areas accessible for businesses, local people, visitors and emergency services.”

Now all of their hard work has been undone, and with Easter weekend upon us, it is probably going to be a busy few days for the clean-up crews.

Steve Willis, Lincolnshire County Council’s assistant director of environment planning and customer services, said: “Our priority is to keep the roads clear from sand, especially with the bank holiday weekend approaching. We advise motorists to take extra care when driving on coastal roads as the sand can cause them to become slippery.”

Leigh Edlin, Environment Agency area operations manager, said: “We are prioritising our efforts to minimise the amount of sand continuing to blow over the top of the defences. We are focussing our resources to move sand away from sea walls and access routes.

“We are asking residents to consider waiting until wind speeds have subsided before attempting to start clearing sand from their properties.”

East Lindsey District Council has spent time leading up to the important bank holiday weekend to ensure tourism areas were clear of sand in support of local businesses.

This unprecedented weather has made conditions extremely difficult and this good work has now been undone.

We understand it won’t be possible to clear all the sand from the promenades in time for the Easter weekend.