Offenders face a big fine

Locals have spoke out in Mablethorpe and Sutton on Sea about the bad state the coast is in thanks to selfish dog owners who don’t pick their mess.

Residents in both Mablethorpe and Sutton on Sea have highlighted dog mess grot spots in the towns and are as keen as the locals from Louth for the culprits to be caught.

Locals have outlined that the Industrial Estate in Mablethorpe is a particular problem area as well as the path down the side of the Enviroment Agency.

People have also described Sutton on Sea as being an ‘horrific’ area for dog mess.

Andrea Hewitt commented on Facebook.

She said: “I walk my dog up and around the Industrial Estate in Mablethorpe which most people do.

“It’s a good area to walk dogs but some owners do not pick up after their dogs on the grassy areas.

“It is not so bad but mainly, the path down the side of the Enviroment Agency is awful.”

The district council dog wardens are responsible for the collection of stray dogs and the enforcement of dog fouling legislation.

They are empowered to issue fixed penalty notices for littering and fouling offences.

East Lindsey District Council has urged locals to support the cause by contacting them if they see owners not picking up their mess.

A district council spokesperson added: “Dog fouling in Mablethorpe and Sutton on Sea is absolutely unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

“We realise it is a blight on the local community and we will do everything possible to catch the culprits.

“But we do need the support of local people in order to help deal with the issue so we can do whatever necessary to combat the problem.”

Other local residents have taken to Facebook to express their views on the problem.

Elema Hulkster Johnson added: “People who let their dogs foul and not clean it up are dog owners not dog lovers and they need to be fined.

“We have four dogs and clean up after them all.”

Amanda Suckling commented: “I think it’s damn right disgusting.

“It seems to be everywhere you walk on the paths.

“I say if you can’t clean it up, you shouldn’t have a dog.”

Tiffany Plume commented on the dog mess in Sutton on Sea.

She said: “Sutton is horrific.

“I took my two-year-old to the shops one morning and within 200 yards she nearly stepped in four piles that were right in the centre of the pavement - and due to the drizzle it was spreading.”

Sam Sawford added: “It seems to be everywhere you step.

“When I take my daughter out in her pushchair, I’m sick of having to dodge it and it going all over my wheels and having to clean it off so I don’t take it into my home.”

Zowie Silk said: “It’s everywhere in Mablethorpe.

“I’m sick of having to say to my kids watch out when walking down the road. There’s no excuse for it.”

If anyone sees someone letting their dog foul, please let the District Council know, so they can try to catch the culprits who continue to blight the coastal community.

Call the local dog warden on 01507 613550 or email

Incident cards are also available to fill out.