Oh baby! Aurelia’s timely arrival

Bobbie Wright and Dean Hutchinson, pictured with their miracle baby Aurelia.
Bobbie Wright and Dean Hutchinson, pictured with their miracle baby Aurelia.

Baby Aurelia Hutchinson was the perfect present after she was born on Christmas Day - but not before putting her mum and dad through a ‘very traumatic birth.’

But the Grainthorpe couple said that if they had known the arrival of Aurelia was going to be so testing, they might not have had any more children!

Bobbie said: “I woke up on Christmas morning to the shock that I had lost a lot of blood.

“So, I went to Grimsby Hospital straight away.

“I was already nine days late.

“But at the time, I wasn’t expecting to give birth on Christmas Day. I had hoped I would be back home by lunchtime so I could enjoy my Christmas dinner with Dean and the kids. “

But within minutes of arriving at hospital, Bobbie was whisked off for a scan and told she would not be going anywhere.

She added: “I had actually planned to have a home birth,but I knew at that point it would no longer happen that way.”

Bobbie was told by the medical ‘team’ at Grimsby to be prepare for emergency surgery.

She says she was considered to be a ‘high risk’ case - because the baby had moved up from her pelvis and was laying in the wrong position.

Bobbie explained: “I was monitored throughout the birth as the baby’s oxygen levels had dropped,

“In hindsight, it was the hardest birth I’ve had - and the most scariest.

“My midwife, Angie, stayed with me the whole time.

“She was like an angel watching over me that day, making sure Aurelia arrived safely.”

For dad Dean, it was one of the most frightening times of his life.

He said: “Bobbie looked so wiped out and looked helpless.

“I was really scared, not knowing what was going to happen.

“I wanted to help Bobbie, but I couldn’t.”

There was a happy ending. Aurelia arrived safe and sound at 6.35pm and weighed 7lb, 10oz.

Bobbie said: “She looked a little out of it at first which had me worried.

“But once Aurelia had some oxygen and was finally put into my arms I knew she safe.

“And we still got to have our Christmas Day dinner - and had a belated festive day on December 27 with all our family.

“I couldn’t have been given a better Christmas present!”

“She is perfect and it will certainly be a Christmas Day to remember for years to come.”