Oil seen on river Lud

Oil seen on river
Oil seen on river

The Environment Agency has thanked people who reported seeing oil on the River Lud on Thursday night.

Members of the public called the Environment Agency’s incident hotline number 0800 807060 to report a layer of oil on the surface of the river.

The Environment Agency put booms in place to prevent any more oil getting into the river. THey said no fish were harmed by the spill.

The oil has been traced to a surface water drain that takes water from the North East of Louth. There is currently no more oil coming from this pipe.

Pete Haslock, Environment Management Team Leader, said: “A very thin layer of oil remains on the river which will break down naturally.

“We would like to remind everyone that most drains will eventually find their way to a river or stream. If oil or other polluting materials are put into drains they could reach our rivers and can cause harm.”

The Environment Agency investigates pollution incidents like this one by tracking the source of the pollution.

It is against the law to allow oil or other pollutants to enter a river such as the Lud even through a drain, and if found responsible could face the cost of cleaning up the pollution and possibly a fine.