Olympic torch visit to Legbourne

ON Wednesday June 27 after passing through Louth the Olympic torch will be carried through Legbourne, from about 8.12am.

Legbourne Parish Council says parking will be available and signposted at the following locations -

The Community Centre in the centre of Legbourne

The Picnic Area on the right hand side of the A157 coming from Louth (to see the torch being carried please walk down into the centre of Legbourne)

Manor House Farm, off Furze Lane (accessed from Manby end of Furze Lane) where breakfast will be available

In a statement the parish council said: “The torch procession will enter Legbourne from the Louth end direction and the police will determine when roads in and around Legbourne will be closed – this is anticipated to be anything from one hour prior to the torch’s arrival.

“To ensure you have your place, please ensure that you have entered Legbourne and parked your car by 7.15am. The torchbearer mode will start at the 30mph sign on Station Road (A157) and finish at the national speed limit sign on Station Road (A157).”