One cat is found but another is lost

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A cat has been found - but another has been lost.

A customer at the Waggon & Horses in South Reston has found a black cat with a collar but no name. They are keen to reunite it with the owner.

If it may be your cat please call Nigel Riley at the Waggon & Horses on 01507 450364.

Meanwhile, an 11-year-old female ex-farm cat, Cheetah, has been missing from Trinity Lane, Louth, since October 9.

Owner Penny Thom told us: “Cheetah got up as usual from lying on my bed at 3am, and went out, as normal. She would always be back by 7am, pestering me for breakfast, patting my sleeping face, and even digging in her claws to make her point!

“I have not seen her since she left my bed at 3am on October 9. I have spoken to as many as I can, searched the neighbouring gardens and asked for people to check their sheds, etc. What can have happened between 3am and 7am

“Cheetah was not a friendly cat, nor one to hide in sheds. She lived with dogs and so thought she could call the shots! I just need to know that either she is passed on or that she has moved in with someone else. “

If you see Cheetah please call 01507 824302.