Oven fire warning for National Chip Week

LINCOLNSHIRE Fire and Rescue is urging chip lovers to take care when they indulge in one of the nation’s favourite foods this National Chip Week (February 20-26).

They say is the ‘single biggest cause of accidental house fires in Lincolnshire’.

Last year, almost half started in the kitchen. The majority happened when people were not paying attention or left things unattended.

Fire prevention experts say that some simple precautions can prevent a delicious meal turning into a kitchen nightmare.

Debbie Robinson, deputy community fire safety manager, said: “The smallest distraction when cooking could lead to a fire in a matter of moments. So the best advice is to keep your eye on the ball and avoid anything that might make you lose concentration, like drinking alcohol. If you are called away from the kitchen, even if only for a moment, then take the pans off the heat. And turn everything off when you’re finished.”

Chip pans are particularly dangerous, especially if left unattended. Switching to oven chips or a temperature-controlled deep-fat fryer can help prevent a fire.

If you do choose to deep-fat fry, never fill the pan more than one-third full. And if the worst does happen, don’t use water to put out a chip pan fire – get out, stay out and call 999.

For further advice on fire safety or for a free home fire safety check visit www.lincolnshire.gov.uk/LFR, contact 01522 582222 and ask for the Community Fire Safety Department, or email HFSC@lincoln.fire-uk.org

For more information on National Chip Week visit www.lovechips.co.uk