Over 11,000 homes in Mablethorpe and Alford area hit by power fault

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Thousands of homes in Mablethorpe, Alford, Chapel Saint Leonards and the surrounding areas were plunged into darkness yesterday evening (Friday March 7) due to a power cut.

The 11,288 affected homes were left without electricity for almost an hour and a half, between 6.50pm and 8.17pm.

A spokesperson for Western Power said that an overhead line problem was to blame. The fault was a “transient fault”, meaning that it was fixed by disconnecting the power supply for a short time and then restoring it. The precise cause for the fault is not known, although it is possible that it was caused by a bird strike.

The spokesperson for Western Power added that suggestions on social media channels, stating that the power cut was caused by a fire at a substation, are inaccurate and unfounded.