Palms Tai Chi Club spreads wings to Mablethorpe


The Palms Tai Chi Club is spreading its wings and opening a branch in Mablethorpe.

It meets on Fridays at the Mablethorpe Sports Centre between 10.30am and 12noon.

The cost is £3 and the only other expenses are sashes when you have attained certain levels cost £5 each including a certificate.

If members wish to join the International Budo association this is £15 and apart from giving a licence it also gives some insurance.

Palms Club prints its own syllabus and record book which costs 75p which is essential to purchase.

Everyone is welcome. The first hour is Tai chi and the next 20 minutes is ‘play-time’. Later on as you gain higher sashes such as Purple or Brown this time is taken up with projects.

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Palms Tai chi Club is a real club and not a business. It is democratically run and later in the year members will be asked to elect members to represent them on the committee.

Glennis, the leader is also disabled and able to easily change a form (exercise) to suit your needs and as you become experienced you will change the forms yourself. A form is a mixture of exercises joined together in a definite order.

Glennis has qualifications as a teacher, Tai chi Instructor and also in Medicine as a Naturopathic Doctor and has a PhD in Immunology.