Parking restrictions warning in East Lindsey

Drivers are being urged to ‘check for signs and lines’ when looking for somewhere to park, as Lincolnshire County Council moves closer to starting parking enforcement on December 3.

A new Parking Enforcement Procedures Manual gives motorists information about how they can park safely and with consideration for others, sticking to the parking regulations in place.

Top tips include:

Check for any lines on the road, and signs nearby that will explain the restrictions

Don’t park on the grass verge or pavement – these are covered by parking restrictions too

Don’t stay longer in parking bays than is permitted by the signs

Don’t block access to properties by parking within a dropped kerb

Do not block dropped kerbs provided to ease crossing for pedestrians, cyclists and mobility impaired people

Don’t park more than 50cm from the kerb

Mick Phoenix, Parking Services Manager, said: “We’re sure that people are getting used to the idea that parking restrictions will be enforced more regularly from December 3. We want to do all we can to help explain what these restrictions include.

“Everyone will know they can’t park on double yellow lines, but may not know this means they can’t park on the adjacent pavement or grass verge either. Motorists also need to be aware they can’t block access to dropped kerbs, designed to help those with wheelchairs, pushchairs or bikes to cross the road more safely.

“Don’t risk getting a ticket, just make sure you’re 100 per cent confident that you’re parking safely, considerately and within any parking restrictions. Please don’t think that if you leave your hazard lights on, or a note on your windscreen, you won’t get fined – tradespeople, in particular, do need to know this. Check for signs and lines, and you will be fine.”