Pauline Hewson

A SERVICE to celebrate the life of the late Mrs Pauline Hewson, aged 57, was held recently at Alvingham Church on Monday, August 1.

Arrangements conducted by Lincolnshire Co operative Funeral Services (inc V Walker of Louth).

The service was conducted by the Rev Chris Turner.

Family mourners: Tony Hewson husband, Lucy Baglin daughter (also representing Oliver Butler grandson), Stuart Butler, Zoe and Matt Oxley daughter and son-in-law, Antonia granddaughter, Tom grandson, Sally Baglin daughter, Roger Chapman brother, Steph Chapman sister-in-law, Natalie Ladds, Becky and Bethany Chapman nieces, Lisa, Leanne and Nicola Pennell nieces, Richard Chapman nephew (also representing Laura and Sophie), Trevor Hewson step-son (also representing Ellie), Kate Hewson step-daughter-in-law, Nancy step-granddaughter, Katy and Mark Cook step-daughter and husband, Peter Cook step-grandson, Brian Hewson and Eve step-son, Mary Stainton cousin, Kerry Cooper, Tina and Ivan Leverton cousin and wife, Margaret Dayton cousin (also representing Pete Dayton and Gladys Chapman), Pete and Christine Hewson brother-in-law and wife (also representing John and Sally Moody), Sheila and Ian Larder sister-in-law and nephew (also representing Mr S Larder and Mrs A Hewson), Mr and Mrs D Holmes, Pam and Ken Hewson brother-in-law and wife, Mr S Wray brother-in-law, Michael and Becky Moncaster and family nephew (also representing Derek and Linda sister-in-law and husband.

Other mourners: Mary and John Hanne, Sheila Moody (also representing Bryan and Dorris Coxen), Pete Stevenson (also representing Lynn and family), Alice Taylor (also representing Tai-Chi class), Christine Lowis, Gordon Pridgeon, Mrs Pridgeon (also representing Jill Weavers), Dianna and Paul Robinson, Mrs Jeffrey, Betty and Keith Dixon (also representing Howard Dixon and Julie Corson), Pam O’Reilly (also representing Melvin), Rod and Ros Wraith (also representing all the family), Mr and Mrs Dennis Archer, Mrs Susan Coissen, Marjorie Jackson, Mr Bob Trafford, Mrs Jean Shucksmith, Mrs J Skill, John and Doreen Bushell, Peter and Suzie Butler (also representing Elli Butler), Anne Stottford (also representing North Cockerington School), Mavis and Terry Dawson, Mrs Mary Smith, Graham Baglin, Linda and Bob Oxley (also representing Tim, Aee Anna and Leo), Liz and Emily Bates (also representing Eddie and Charlie), Chris and Den Robbins, Trish Blanchard, Helen Brader, Suzanne Brownlow, Judy and Ian Brownlow, Colin and Helen Craggs, Lindsey Carrett, Ben and Joy Chafer (also representing Christine Hill), Raymond and Angela Graves, Catherine Burke (also representing Christine Sylvester), Joanne MacIntyre, Rob and Caroline Shaw, Colin Sutton (also representing Maralyn Sutton and family), Colin Wooding, Sue Born, Robert Baglin, Rob Hogarth (also representing Elaine), Betty Topham, Liz Morriss, Trevor and Val Hand, Judy Norton, Betty Kirk (also representing the Kirk family), David Shucksmith (also representing Stuart Shucksmith), Carol Caunter, Roy and Yvonne Smith, Judith Herbert, Tracey Ruddock (also representing Home Start), Moira Hodkin.