Penny arrives at the Ark


New arrivals at the Ark Animal Rescue and Retirement Home last month included Penny the blue fronted Amazon parrot and Guiness the horse.

Penny went to the Ark at North Somercotes following her owner receiving complaints from a council about parrot noise.

She now lives in manager Sue’s house where she is free to squawk to her heart’s content.

Guiness is an ex-dressage and show jumper which unfortunately has resulted in ligament damage.

He was rescued by a kind lady in January but a sudden decline in her health has meant she is unable to care for him as she planned.

He has settled in well to his retirement at the Ark and now awaits sponsorship to help them meet all his needs.

The Ark’s monthly newsletter said: “Thank you to everyone who has donated food and bedding in response to our appeal, as always it is very much appreciated especially as we have spent the last two weeks controlling kennel cough which a couple of our dogs contracted.

“We are pleased to say that all patients are recovering well. Kennel cough could be compared to human ‘flu’ in that whilst it is very unpleasant, it is rarely fatal.

It is an upper respiratory infection that affects dogs, it is highly contagious and is spread through airborne droplets produced by sneezing and coughing meaning that strict quarantine and restricted access must be implemented.

“Extra thoroughness whilst cleaning has been necessary, and all bedding has been destroyed after use.”

Lots of animals have been rehomed, ten of which were kittens, and one that warrants a special mention is Milo.

Milo is a four-year-old Jack Russell who came to the Ark because he was unsettled by the children in his home and so was letting them know in the only way he knew how, by growling.

He is now living with a lovely older lady who seeked one to one companionship just as much as he did. He feels safe and secure.

The Ark has produced its own calendar featuring various residents and volunteers. It isd priced at £4.99 and all proceeds go towards the upkeep of The Ark.

Call the Ark on 01507 358140.