Alford school’s warm welcome for new head teacher

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Alford’s grammar school has a new head teacher at the helm, following the retirement of the previous head after more than two decades in the role.

Mr Glen Thompson, 43, was warmly welcomed by the school community at Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar last week, and he has already made a positive impression with staff and students alike.

Mr Thompson, formerly the head of the design and technology department at a school in Lincoln, was quick to pay tribute to the hard work and lasting legacy of his predecessor, Miss Angie Francis, who joined QEGS Alford in 1991 and later went on to become head teacher - a role she held for 22 years until her retirement this summer.

Mr Thompson said: “Miss Francis has built an exceptional school, and it is one that is humbling to have the opportunity to take over.

“I hope that I can be half the head teacher that she was. I will be radically different, but I hope I can live up to the standard that she has set.

“She was, and continues to be, very helpful in the support that she has given me in terms of the transition.”

In terms of Mr Thompson’s approach and his ambitions for QEGS Alford in the months and years ahead, he said: “I want the school to continue to go from strength to strength.

“It is one of the highest performing schools out there, anywhere. Last year we were the 33rd highest performing school in the country.

“I want to work collaboratively with the community and create this hub of excellence for Alford and beyond.

“I also want to sustain what the school has as an ethos, in terms of developing the whole student, and continuing to develop that pastoral care which gives them the opportunities to become more than they believe they can be. Our students achieve more than they think. If you reach the stars, you may hit the moon!

“We want to help each student become successful in achieving their aspirations, whatever they may be.”

Mr Thompson commented on the exceptionally friendly atmosphere amongst the school community, and added that he has already asked students to approach him and tell him what they think is good, and what could be improved, about the school.

He said he has been ‘overwhelmed’ with the quantity of positive discussions that have already taken place as a result.

Mr Thompson also made it clear that he has chosen to continue teaching design and technology, in addition to his role as head teacher.

He added: “I am happiest in the classroom - it’s what I got into education for. Being able to continue teaching was non-negotiable for me.”