Breaking News: Beyond the Woods Festival Cancelled

Beyond the Woods music festival has been cancelled
Beyond the Woods music festival has been cancelled

Organisers of the Beyond the Woods Festival due to take place in Baumber this weekend have taken the decision to cancel the event due to safety concerns around the weather.

A spokesman for the festival said: “We are absolutely heartbroken that this year’s Beyond The Woods Festival will no longer be going ahead.

“Over the last twenty-four hours, the weather forecast for Baumber this weekend has worsened.

“We are expecting thunderstorms, and in particular extremely strong winds, which present a very real threat to the health and safety of anyone on site.

“Following conversations with our colleagues in the emergency services, and the East Lindsey Events Safety Advisory Group, we have been forced to conclude that it would not be possible for the festival to take place safely.

The spokesman continued: “Of course, this is not a decision that we have taken at all lightly.

“Our hardworking team of volunteers explored a number of possibilities for allowing the festival to continue. Ultimately, however, we have to put festival goers safety, and theirs, first.”

Reassurance is being given to ticket holders that all tickets to the event purchased through the official channels: Gigantic and Eventbrite, including the booking fee, will be refunded.

However, organisers say their immediate priority is the safety of their staff, volunteers and contractors who are still on site.

The spokesman added: “We will be making a further statement with more details within the next 48 hours.

“We thank everyone for your continued support of the festival.

“We will be working even harder to ensure that we can be back with another brilliant event in 2020.”