Councillors lead petition against new bin charges

Councillor Lynne Cooney.
Councillor Lynne Cooney.

Two Louth town councillors have launched a campaign to demand that new-build homes are provided with free waste bins – so that new occupiers don’t have to foot the bill.

Councillors Lynne Cooney and Alex Cox have set up a petition which calls for East Lindsey District Council to provide bins free of charge when a resident or family moved in to a new-build home.

Councillor Alex Cox.

Councillor Alex Cox.

New home owners currently have to pay for a domestic waste bin and a recycling bin at the cost of £27 each, plus a further £25 if you want both bins delivering to the house.

Those who also require a garden waste bin – which also costs £27, plus the £40 annual fee for collections – the bill can soon rack up to triple figures.

Furthermore, if the house owner moves to a new home in future, they are expected to leave behind the bins they purchased – as they are allocated to the property indefinitely.

Coun Cooney said: “It is morally wrong that some people have to pay to access a service they are already paying for with their council tax, while most other households have had their bins provided for them for free. It’s a scandal.

“This will lead to increased fly-tipping and environmental problems.

“We should be helping residents to dispose of waste properly, not penalising them for having to move house.”

Coun Cox added: “It is unfair that some people aren’t getting bins. In Louth this is a big issue, as we have a lot of house building.

“If this isn’t addressed rubbish will be piling up and the worst effects will be felt by the most vulnerable people.”

The online petition can be found here

• The deadline to sign the petition is September 30.