Don’t buy CDs ‘nicked’ from skip says Donny

Donny Osmond wows his fans at one of his sell-out concerts
Donny Osmond wows his fans at one of his sell-out concerts

It is amazing what you can find in a skip in Woodhall Spa these 200 CDs of pop star Donny Osmond’s latest smash-hit album.

The CDs of ‘Donny Osmond - One Night Only’ - were thrown into the skip by businessman Rob Ayling.

One of the 'defective' Donny Osmond CDs.

One of the 'defective' Donny Osmond CDs.

He is an executive producer at Gonzo Media and works with some of the biggest names in rock and pop.

The skip is outside a former church Mr Ayling is converting into a family home in Woodhall Spa.

Earlier this year, his company recorded a live performance by Donny at the NEC in Birmingham.

Millions of copies of the album have sold worldwide and it is tipped to top the Christmas charts in the UK.

However, all the CDs thrown into the skip are faulty.

They play at the wrong speed...meaning Donny’s voice sounds at least four octaves lower than usual!

Mr Ayling believes the CDs were taken by a passer-by.

However, he’s now worried they could be sold at a knock-down price at local car boot sales.

As a result, Mr Ayling has teamed up with Donny to urge people not to buy the CDs...unless they are from a reputable source.

Mr Ayling told the News: “We’ve spoken to Donny and he doesn’t want anyone buying one of the CDs that were taken.

“You can’t tell there’s anything wrong with them - until you try to play one.

“They are not in a case but that won’t stop the people who took them trying to sell them at a knockdown price.

“Please, if you see a CD at a reduced price and it isn’t in the proper case then you know where it has probably come from - my skip!

“The last thing we or Donny want is someone buying one of these CDs as a present, thinking they’ve got a bargain and then discover it doesn’t play.

“It could ruin someone’s Christmas.”

Mr Ayling is currently renovating a former Methodist Church in Woodhall Spa and hopes to move in as soon as possible.

He admits he didn’t give it ‘a second thought’ when he threw the CDs into the skip.

Mr Ayling explained: “Someone must have looked in the skip and thought they were onto a good thing. They weren’t to know the CDs won’t play properly - and they probably aren’t bothered.

Mr Ayling said it was a ‘pleasure’ working with Donny.

He added: “Donny is a brilliant performer - and a genuinely nice guy. “

*Mr Ayling has offered readers a chance to win authentic signed copies of Donny’s CD.

Look out over the next couple of weeks for details of a competition, only in the Mail!