East Coast Showground steps in to support fireworks extravaganza

Memorial plaques to Malcolm Lilley were placed around the bike at last year's event.
Memorial plaques to Malcolm Lilley were placed around the bike at last year's event.

A giant imp is set to burn in a blaze of glory at an event in Trusthorpe that almost didn't happen because of lack of funding.

The 12ft structure took students at Woodlands Academy two months to build and went up in minutes, dedicated to the memory of a popular local biker Malcolm Lilley.

Proceeds raised from the sale of dedication plaques were in aid of his family’s chosen charity, the British Heart Foundation.

This year's fireworks event on November 3 is called the Burning Imp & Fireworks Extravaganza - and will be held on the Festival Field for one more time, thanks to the intervention of East Coast Showground in Skegness, who plan to host it next year.

Adrian Marson of Coastal Events said: "After the overwhelmingly positive response to the Burning Bike & Fireworks Extravaganza we will return with an even bigger and better event this year.

"For 2019 there will be a giant Lincolnshire Imp to burn among other feature bonfires, plus another awesome firework display from our friends Brightlight Fireworks.

"There will be more food vendors ,more car parking, more shuttle buses and the same great exciting atmosphere."

Adrian said the success of last year's event spurred him on when previous funding avenues refused him.

"Last year's event was incredibly well received with very positive comments, including people stating it was the best display they had ever seen outside a major city," he said.

"I was keen not to let it falter this year and approached Russ Sparkes of the East Coast Showground to sponsor it . I am delighted to say he agreed.

"For 2020, the event is now likely to find a new home at the showground, bringing the most spectacular events you can imagine directly to Skegness."

Gates at the Festival Field open on November 3 at 5pm. For more on this year's event visit https://www.facebook.com/events/493520991143899/ or email adrian_marson@yahoo.co.uk