Is it the end for twinning at Ludford?


Due to a decline in interest, the next AGM of Ludford Twinning Association may well be its last.

The meeting next Thursday, February 8, includes a resolution to dissolve the organisation, due to a decline of interest from residents.

Although the association welcomed its twinning partners from Voué for their 25th anniversary visit last year, the number of people who hosted visitors was down, and the number of active members has also been falling.

Secretary, Jackie Barnett, proposing the motion, said: “After 25 years, most of the original founders are no longer active and there is very little interest amongst younger people and newer residents of Ludford.

“A lot of work is required to raise funds and organise visits, and it can’t continue to be left to a handful of people. We hope this will be a wake-up call. If it doesn’t work, it will be time to call it a day, which would be a great shame.”

Anyone who lives in Ludford is automatically a member, and can attend. Members from surrounding villages and towns are also welcome.

The meeting will take place in Ludford Village Hall from 7.30pm.