Mablethorpe man goes from artist to author!

Trevor Giles.
Trevor Giles.

A Mablethorpe pensioner has gone from artist to author, having written and released his first book - after narrowly avoiding death a decade ago.

Trevor Giles has released his new book, ‘Sleeping Dog’, just a few months ago, and his work has already received several rave reviews on Amazon - with the book currently enjoying an average five star rating.

As reported back in 2013, Trevor had initially turned to digital art as a form of therapy following two life-saving operations on his stomach and several stints in hospital three years previously.

Trevor told the Leader: “After going as far as I could with digital art, I decided to have a bash at writing a book.

“It took more than two years of headache, teaching myself to string words and sentences together. However, I finally got there and my book is now for sale on Amazon.”

Trevor’s story begins with the suspicious suicide of Rudolf Hess, Hitler’s former deputy, in Spandau Prison back in 1987.

The book’s main character, investigative journalist Paul McCain, sets out on an assignment in which he inadvertently stumbles across a fifth columnist plot that was planned to remove Winston Churchill from office in 1941.

Paul McCain comes across botched murders, Government cover-ups and much more besides during the course of his investigations.

Trevor said: “Although fictitious, it is a story that contains some genuine sensitive material, facts that were kept out of the public domain for over 50 years.

“I hope to have a book of short stories on the mystery and imagination theme out for Christmas, plus a Dickensian-type novel late next year.”

•To find out more about ‘Sleeping Dogs’, or to purchase a copy of the book, visit and search for ‘Trevor Giles Sleeping Dog’.