UKIP bid to help Mablethorpe lifeboat parking

Colin Mair ENGEMN00120130417102300
Colin Mair ENGEMN00120130417102300

UKIP is demanding Lincolnshire County Council issues parking waivers to Mablethorpe lifeboat crews.

“We are proposing a motion at full council this Friday,” said UKIP group leader Colin Mair.

The Tattershall Castle councillor will be seconding a motion from Mablethorpe member Anne Reynolds.

Coun Mair says the county won’t issue parking waivers to help lifeboat crews get to the boats quicker.

“One can’t park outside his own home. This causes delays to launch,” he said.

“We (UKIP) have been fighting them for a year, to get a bit of a consession to save lives.”

“You can save lives and it won’t cost a penny,” Coun Mair added.