Pete Geeson

THE funeral service for Pete Geeson, aged 62, was held on February 28 at St Michael’s Church, Louth.

The service was conducted by Canon Stephen Holdaway.

Pete passed away at his home on February 18 with his family by his side.

He lived all his life in Louth and met Maureen when she worked at Blackbourne’s bakery. They celebrated their ruby wedding anniversary last year.

He has two daughters and a son-in-law and one granddaughter, who he loved dearly.

Pete only had one job, going from school to Allinson Print and staying for 47 years. Pete was very well known in Louth and the local area for his sporting activities.

Arrangements were made by Lincolnshire Co-operative Ltd.

Family mourners: Maureen Geeson (wife), Jo Geeson (daughter), Sarah and Chris Uren (daughter and son-in-law, also representing Molly Uren), Brian and Carol Townsend (cousin), Ann Marshall (cousin, also representing Kathleen Wain), David Wain (cousin), Freda Fytche, Helen and Rick Towse (also representing Mark Fytche), Margaret and Brian Wood (sister-in-law and brother-in-law), Mr and Mrs R Wood (brother-in-law and sister-in-law), Diane and Brian Uren, Laura and Simon Drury, Louise Hall, Linda Archer, Julie and Dean Myhall, Gail and Bethany Cross, Amanda Radley, Elizabeth Smith (cousin also rep Tony Smith).

Other mourners: Alan and Fran Darby, Chris and Brian Brook, Sylvia and Gordon Stephenson, Mr and Mrs Kevin Kennedy, Mr John Jaines (also rep Roger Subden, Diane Otley-Doe, Cube Taylor and family), Chris Wilkinson, Lorraine Bratley, Doris Meanwell, Roland Lidgard (also rep Brenda and Simon), Sue Murfin (also rep Louth Athletic Club), Jean Pletchett, Mr and Mrs Cedric Blackbourne, Gary Marsh, Graham Stark, Sylvia Scott, Alan Oldroyd (also rep John and Monica Oldroyd and Richard and Diane Wilson), Mr and Mrs John Aldrich, Jim and Brenda Foster (also rep Annette), Mr and Mrs M Lee, Graham Dean (also rep Geraldine), John Dean (also rep Christine), Mick Graves, John Webb, Dave North, Stuart Walmsley, Mr and Mrs Tony Prestwood, Mark and Kerry Middleton (also rep Emily and Tom Taylor), Dave Butterfield (also rep Diane), Mr and Mrs Jim Hancock, David Bradley, Peter and Pat Arnold, Mr and Mrs S Bett (also rep Nick Chapman), John Bett (also rep Frank Parsons), Sam Mountain (also rep his father), Helen Johnstone (also rep Alan), Carol Bromfield (also rep Chris), Mark Addison (also rep SibJon Builders), Richard and Ann Sandy, Phil and Sheila Read, Terry Winter, Maurice Foxon (also rep Noreen and Chris Michael);

Jeff Kettle, Mr and Mrs Bailey, Neil Borman (also rep Mark Holmes), Don and Bridget Buick, Katherine Morris, Keith Snape, Keith Vickers, Patricia and David Williams, Mick Jarman (also rep Mr and Mrs R Jarman), John Crawford (also rep Melanie), Ed Crawford (also rep Crawford family), Stephen Darby, Andrew Smith, Parkinson’s of Eastgate, Mr and Mrs G Blades (also rep Faulkners), Jim Waumsley, Mark Buckle, Mr and Mrs Geoff Buckle (also rep Lyndsey), Sarah Lingard, Alan Dawes, Colin Wooding, Phil and Linda Parrish (also rep Marcus Shepherd), Doris Boxhall, Andy Pearce, Wendy Wilson, Lisa Hunter, Sam Bailey, Aidan and Jenny Clarkson, Nick Marsh, Christine and Dick Marsh, John Lusby, Geoff Tyler, Lorraine Craggs, Sarah Allinson (also rep Brenda Laughton), Trevor Cockerill, Michael Banks, Eileen Ballard, Karen Moulding, Alec Borthwick (also rep Borthwick family), Graham and Zoe Stephenson, Jimmy Brook, Sally Brook (also rep Andrew Brook), Mr and Mrs Les Darby, Jenny Bedwell (also rep Pete Bedwell), John Scott, Peter Mountain, Geoff and Mary Wright, Sheila Green, Dave Fairburn, Geoff Allinson (also rep Allinson Print and his mother and brother), Russell Howard (also rep Mark Squires), Kerry Coggle, Trevor Grant (also rep Ann Grant and family), Val Kershaw, Ann Plaskitt (also rep Roland Plaskitt), Chris and Maureen Barnes (also rep past Captains of Louth Golf Club and Steve Owen and Fliss Smith), Sandra Patchett (also rep Ian Patchett and Janet and Martin Norman);

Ann Harriman (also rep Kimberley and Tamalin), Denise Stephenson (also rep Martin Stephenson), Ann Marshall, Sam Hicks, Bill and Angela McWilliam, Sue Holmes (also rep Mark Holmes), Harold and Joan Blanchard, Pam HInsley, Brian and Mary Papworth (also rep Louth Cricket Club and North Thoresby Sports Club and the Robinson family), Chris Hickson, Sarah Freeland, Chas Bray (also rep Grimsby cricket umpires and George Smith), Mark Prestwood, Chris and Mick Benson, Michael Kohut, Tim Mudge (also rep PVGA), Pam and Gordon Greenlees, Mrs Carrot and Sue, John Mawer, Gwyneth and Keith Aston (also rep Emma Douglas and Norman and Jean Cawkwell), Peter and Jill Crow, Brian and Pat Castle, Andy Craven, Don Rudd (also rep Graham Crowson), John Horton, Mr and Mrs Endean, James Needley (also rep Terry Vamplew), Brian Utteridge, Julie and Rob Alcock (also rep Roger and Jane Subden), Bruce and Cameron Freeland, Julie Towse (also rep Ian Towse), Linda, Chris and Mark Dalton (also rep Adam and Lee), Malcolm McClean, June Nicholson (also rep Michael Nicholson), Stuart Ross, Sue and Keith Dawson, Bob and Jan Mortimer (also rep Dan and family);

Shaun Wright, Neil Ashwood, John and Michelle Marlow, Ken and Guy Shufflebottom (also rep Mary), Rob and Judy Carr, Pam and Tony Shepherd, Rita and Neil Blyth (also rep Nathan Michael and Nicky and Steve Foxon), Simon Moody (also rep Louth Golf Club staff and Peter Oatway), Steve and Marion Savage (also rep Simon Savage), Glenn Hallam, Andy Johnson (also rep Tracy), Emma Storey (also rep Lloyds TSB), Gus and Tuff Robertson, Trevor Moody, Dave Lewis (also rep Jill Lewis), Joyce Conway, Mr Sowter (also rep Mrs Sowter and Alan Mountain snooker team), Steve Waller, Nigel and Joanne Wrisdale, Keith West (also rep Linda and Graham), Simon Overton, Terry Robinson (also rep Louth Town and Country Club), Gary Skipworth, Stewart West.