Petition calls for public say over future of Louth Cattle Market

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A petition has been created calling for the public and ‘all interested parties’ to have their say before any decision is made regarding Louth’s Cattle Market.

Owner East Lindsey District Council is currently awaiting ‘expert advice’ as to what to do with the cattle market, which could include the sale to a retailer for a supermarket.

The report is set to be complete in September.

Members of Louth Town Council have launched the petition on ELDC’s website.

It reads: “We the undersigned petition the council to give the opportunity for the public and all interested parties to contribute their views, before any final decision is made by ELDC concerning Louth Livestock Market site, adjacent land and property in the custody and control of ELDC and for the provision of a livestock market in Louth.

“a) Instigate and complete a pre-decision scrutiny/enquiry covering at least the merits, need, impact, implications and options for the retaining or for the disposal as a whole or in part of that area of assembled land and buildings in its entirety that constitutes the livestock market and its environs to include any other adjacent land and buildings in the custody and control of ELDC and in doing so have a complete understanding of history of events, current usage, potential and reasons for potential not being realised and the future use, way forward to include merits, need, impact, implications and delivery options for retaining the current livestock market or the provision of a facility and location to conduct a livestock market elsewhere in Louth or East Lindsey

“b) Ensure that any interested parties have the opportunity to present their views, concerns and information in person, print or any other media of their choosing to any forum, committee or assembly convened by ELDC to carry out that requested at a) above, the findings and recommendation of which, are the basis and material to any final decision made by the council.”

The ePetition runs from August 8 to February 8, 2014.

To view it click here.