Phoebe nominated for a national award by Sense


Caring Phoebe Perrow from Louth has been shortlisted for a national young carer award by deafblind charity Sense after her mum nominated her.

Phoebe, a pupil at Birkbeck College in North Somercotes, has been nominated for the category of Young Carer by her mum, Angela, who is deafblind. Phoebe is only 11 but shows incredible maturity for her age, helping her mum care for her brother and sister and helping out around the house.

A spokesperson for Sense said: “Often when people come across Angela they don’t realise she can’t hear and Phoebe helps her to communicate. She helps her mum with tasks like going shopping or anywhere where she might need Phoebe to repeat what has been said in a way she understands.”

Phoebe will find out if she’s won at a ceremony in London on September 30 hosted by professional ballroom dancer, coach and star of Strictly Come Dancing Karen Hardy.

Angela, Phoebe’s mum, said: “Phoebe is of huge support to me and her brothers and sisters and without her help I would really struggle. My hearing is bad without my hearing aid and my sight limited, so I often rely on Phoebe to help me communicate which she does brilliantly.”

Phoebe said: “I’m really excited to have been nominated for Young Carer at the Sense Awards and can’t wait to go to London to find out if I’ve won. I’m happy to help my Mum with anything and it means a lot to me that she nominated me for the award.”

Karen Hardy said: “It’s such a pleasure to be presenting this year’s Sense Awards. What a wonderful way to recognise achievements of deafblind people and those who make a real difference to those lives. I cannot wait to meet the nominees at the ceremony on September 30.”