Plans for new ‘affordable’ houses off Monks Road in Louth

The proposed site for 34 new homes on land off Monks Dyke Road in Louth.
The proposed site for 34 new homes on land off Monks Dyke Road in Louth.

Developers have submitted a proposal to build 34 affordable new homes on land off Monks Dyke Road in Louth.

Chestnut Homes submitted the proposals on behalf of Andy Parker from the De Montfort Housing Society, a branch of Waterloo Housing Group which provides social housing and affordable homes. De Montfort and Chestnut Homes are working in partnership on the proposed development.

In a planning statement, Chestnut Homes has said that the development - which will be marketed as ‘The Chimes’ - would be a natural extension to the eastern side of Louth.

The statement adds that the area has been ‘promoted’ as a site for development in the district, as part of ELDC’s Local Plan which is currently at examination stage.

If the plans are approved, the development will include the erection of one house, 11 pairs of semi-detached houses, two blocks of three houses, one block of two apartments, and one combined block of two apartments and a house.

The plans also include the erection of new fencing, parking provision, and the construction of vehicular access and internal roads.

The planning document states that there is currently a ‘growing need’ for affordable housing within Louth, with many families and individuals on the housing 
register already living in Louth or having a local connection.

Waterloo Housing have said they intend on accessing government funding and commence the development ‘as soon as planning permission is granted’.

However, not everyone is happy with the plans - with some residents on nearby Bishops Close submitting their objections to ELDC.

Resident Stephanie Chambers said that Monks Dyke Road is already congested with parked cars, and raised concerns about privacy and anti-social behaviour.

Neighbour Pauline Oakes raised concerns about the potential lack of privacy due to the proximity of the proposed development - while accepting that the town ‘probably’ needs more homes.

Another Bishops Close resident, Michelle Gardner, raised further concerns regarding the privacy issue and the proximity of the proposed development - which she suggested could block light into her property.

Ms Gardner suggested there would also be increased traffic hazards on the road, anti-social behaviour and threat to wildlife.

She added: “I believe [that the proposed development would] reduce the value of properties in what was a ‘much sought after quiet area of town’ to ‘another council estate’.