Police Authority part of Council Tax bill to go up

LINCOLNSHIRE Police Authority has agreed a 3.96 per cent rise in the policing element of the Council Tax.

This means that from April a Band D household will pay an extra £7.11 a year for policing.

Lincolnshire County Council has agreed to freeze its part of the Council Tax bill and East Lindsey District Council has proposed to do the same.

Police Authority Chairman Barry Young said: “More than 85 per cent of all properties in the county will be asked to pay between nine pence and 14 pence a week extra to ensure the level of policing that makes Lincolnshire one of the safest places in which to live.

“The Authority had a stark choice: either raise the level of our precept or lose more police officers. We believe we have made the right decision. Basically, we are asking Lincolnshire’s council taxpayers to make an investment of a few more pence a week in return for a force that by April will have 97 per cent of its officers on the front line.

“We were told by the government to cut £20million from our budget by 2014. Without an increase in the policing element of the council tax, a budget reduction of that size would inevitably mean a reduction in the standard of policing.”