Police take action against youths who tormented cancer-stricken veteran

Roger and Jackie Featherstone outside their home. Mr Allman was too unwell to take part in the photograph.
Roger and Jackie Featherstone outside their home. Mr Allman was too unwell to take part in the photograph.

Eastgate residents have said that problems with anti social behaviour have ‘improved’ after police gave official warnings to two youths last week.

As reported in last week’s Leader, two couples who live near Morrisons have been suffering from anti social behaviour and occasional vandalism for a number of weeks. They claim a group of ‘around ten’ teenage boys who have thrown hot drinks at their windows and kicked their doors.

They add youths were also persistently knocking on residents’ windows every evening, and on many occasions they have specifically targeted the window next to the favourite chair of cancer-stricken war veteran Peter Allman, causing frequent alarm and distress.

Mr Allman and his wife, Lorreta, only moved in to their Eastgate home four weeks ago, but their quality of life has been blighted since day one as a result of the anti social behaviour.

Last Wednesday evening, following an increase in PCSO patrols in the area, two youths were spoken to. Police are in the process of issuing an Unacceptable Behaviour Warning (UBW) letter to the culprits and their parents.

This initial warning letter will tell the perpetrators to cease their antisocial behaviour, consider the impact of their actions, and warn them that their conduct will continue to be monitored.

Mrs Allman told the Leader: “It is still an ongoing thing, but it is all being dealt with. It’s less bad now than it was previously.

“The police have been fantastic, I can’t fault them. They have always responded and we get daily updates through calls and visits.

“I hope that the coverage will be enough for [the perpetrators] to sort themselves out as they need to think about their futures.”

Mrs Allman added that she is optimistic that the whole issue will be resolved in due course, particularly as extra security measures may be put in place in the area.

Lorreta’s neighbour and fellow victim of antisocial behaviour, Roger Featherstone, told the Leader that the situation has improved and he is pleased that early steps have been taken by the police.

His wife, Jackie, said: “The warning is a good starting point.

“A lot of the problem is down to the fact that parents can’t discipline their kids because of the rules these days.

“We are more than happy with the local police, especially considering the fact they’re so underfunded.”

“PCSOs Dean Warrilow, Louise Borman and Ian Porter have been brilliant. I can’t get over how concerned the police have been about our welfare.”

A police spokeswoman told the Leader: “There is a really concerted effort to deal with this issue as it is causing a great deal of distress to residents in Eastgate.

“Two youths, aged 15 and 16, have each been issued with an unacceptable behaviour warning letter, but that is just part of a wider process in operation to monitor the situation and ensure this behaviour stops - not only from the two individuals who have been identified, but also from anyone else causing a nuisance.

“We will not accept this, and we urge residents not to accept it.

“Call 101 if you experience any anti-social behaviour and help us deal with it in the most effective way by taking notes on times and details of offenders.”