Police urge caution over ‘phoney’ meter checkers

Police are urging people to be wary of people claiming to be from energy companies visiting people’s homes.

On Monday, October 22, around 8.40am, a man claiming to be from NPower visited a house in Spitfire Avenue in Grimoldby asking to check the electricity meter.

When the resident told him they had only been recently checked, he stated the check was for information purposes only.

He had no identification and when he was refused entry he made his way back to his van and left the area.

The male was five feet eight inches tall, with a medium build and dark brown hair, and he wore a fleece which said NPower on but did not appear to be a legitimately issued fleece. He arrived in a grey van with no writing on it.

Police say the resident checked with NPower and was told they had no workers in the area on that day.

Police urge vigilance on such calls and suggest asking for ID and if in doubt, call the provider directly.

For further information call police on 101.