Police urge residents in Louth to report incidents after claims of drugs problem in St Bernard’s Avenue

Residents living in St Bernard's Avenue in Louth believe there is a drugs problem. Picture: stock image.
Residents living in St Bernard's Avenue in Louth believe there is a drugs problem. Picture: stock image.

Lincolnshire Police has hit back after claims from residents that there is a major drugs problem in St Bernards Avenue in Louth.

A resident who lives in the area, but did not want to be named, claims a lot of people see the drug dealing going on and are now starting to get scared.

The resident told the Leader: “It’s been going on all around St Bernard’s Avenue, Wallace Road and the Freer Gardens areas.

“It is happening on a regular basis. We have told the police on several occasions, but yet nothing has been done and they say it’s not a priority.”

However when we put the claims to Lincolnshire Police, a spokesman said they currently don’t have any incidents recorded on their log related to drugs in St Bernard’s Avenue.

The spokesman added: “It is important that residents report any incidents they are concerned about.

“It helps us build a full picture.

“We take all reports of drugs offences very seriously as we know how important it is to the community.”

The resident added that they feel there is a problem because on previous occasions they claim they have been able to smell cannabis in the air and have seen drug dealing happen openly in the street.

They also believe children on scooters may be going up and down the road, being used as runners to move the drugs about.

Another residents also said they have seen drugs activity take place down St Bernard’s Avenue.

The police has urged all residents that if they do witness any incidents or suspicious behaviour they feel could be related to drugs, to tell them as soon as possible.

You can do this, by calling them on their 101 non-emergency number, or by emailing: force.control@lincs.pnn.police.uk.

Do you think there is a drugs problem in St Bernard’s Avenue? Email your views to: chloe.west@jpress.co .uk.

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