Police warn over fraudulent phone calls in Louth


Lincolnshire Police are warning Louth residents over fraudulent phone calls purporting to be police officers and members of staff from Lloyds Bank.

The fraudulent callers will ring the person at home, explain that they need the persons bank details, and then ask them to transfer sums of their money into a bank account.

PCSO Sally Read, from the Louth Rural Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “Please do not engage with anyone over the telephone and do not give out any personal details such as name, address and or any bank details.

“If you have received one of these phone calls, please alert Lincolnshire Police on 101 as soon as possible.”

PCSO Read added: “Please can we also ask that if you have any elderly friends, family or neighbours that you make them aware of this scam as they may not be on our Lincs Alert system and will not receive this important message.

“We have had a number of these phone calls reported in the Skegness area over the last few days, and this morning (February 18) we have received a report of a similar incident in the Louth area.”

• If you have any concerns about this message, please call Lincolnshire Police on 101 for further information and advice.