Police warn rave planned for Lincolnshire

Police are appealing for vigilance from farmers and land owners this weekend following intelligence that there could be a rave planned within the county.

The organisers of such events avoid giving specific details regarding location in order to avoid detection but police suspect that there may be an attempt to hold the event in the South or North Kesteven area.

Police are calling for residents to ensure that barns, outbuildings and gates are secured or blocked and for any suspicious activity to be reported. This might be large gatherings of people or unusually large convoys of vehicles.

Report any information via the non emergency number 101 with the incident reference number 531 of the 24th July.

Insp Rich Hammond said: “For us, early warning is key to disrupting these events. We welcome any information about when or where this event might be held. We also want to send a clear message to the organisers that they are not welcome in this county and we will take action where possible to make sure they know this.”