BNP chairman visits county

BNP chairman Adam Walker in Boston.
BNP chairman Adam Walker in Boston.

The chairman of the British National Party Adam Walker has been touring the county today (Wednesday) scouting out where the party could stand in the General Election in May 2015.

Speaking to the Boston Standard Mr Walker and Skegness BNP member and former county council candidate Robert Ashton said support for the party was ‘strong’ in the county - particular in the Boston and Skegness constituency and in the Spilsby area.

They said it was ‘very likely’ they would be fighting for the Boston and Skegness seat and would be selecting a candidate in the new year.

They said any candidate would be local and not ‘parachuted in’ with Mr Walker admitting he wasn’t overly familiar with the area.

He said: “I’ve never been to Boston before, it’s out of the way for me.”

He said the party were offering an alternative to UKIP.

He said: “UKIP have ridden on the back of our campaign.

“We’re here today to let people know we’re still around and will be for years to come when UKIP go... no matter how difficult that should be for some people to stomach.”

If elected, Mr Ashton said the party locally would campaign on immigration, supporting health and education services, and pushing its national policies on Islam.

The party was set to visit Alford and Spilsby next on its tour of the county.