Call for better ambulance service

Victoria Atkins
Victoria Atkins

Victoria Atkins, the PPC for Louth and Horncastle, is calling for a better ambulance service in the area.

Ms Atkins said she had received numerous complaints about the availability of ambulances.

She has held a meeting with EMAS chief executive Sue Noyes and is hoping management will visit Louth and Horncastle after May’s General Election.

Ms Atkins said: “Louth and Horncastle must not become the Cinderella of EMAS.

“We need a better-focussed deployment of ambulances for our rural and coastal areas.”

“I met Sue Noyes and told her of the problems and perceptions locally.

“I praised the dedicated men and women who run the service in the control room and on the ground, but expressed to her strongly the worries of local people – and ambulance staff.”

Ms Atkins said she had visited the control room and was concerned only a couple of vehicles were deployed in Louth and Horncastle.