County council faces tough time

LINCOLNSHIRE County Council says it faces difficult decisions following notification of its grant funding settlement from the government.

The government has announced a grant funding reduction in its general grant of £26.7 million for next year (2011/12) which represents an 11.2 per cent reduction.

A further reduction of £16.1m has been announced for 2012/13. The cash reduction over the two years is 18 per cent.

Council Leader, Coun Martin Hill, said: “We still have some work to do on the details within the settlement but we believe at this stage that this is in the region of the budget reductions we have been preparing for. It is a tough settlement, which will mean some services will have to be reduced and some may be stopped altogether.

“Some may be delivered in a different way. These are the difficult decisions that councillors are facing as we look to prioritise services and allocate this money. We know there will be cuts to services and there will be some job losses.

“We shall also continue our ongoing efficiency measures to minimise the impact as far as we can on frontline services. We have already entered into shared service arrangements with other councils and outsourced many services in order to reduce our costs.”